Event Highlights

Visit by Myanmar Parliamentary Delegation to ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute


ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute hosted two Myanmar parliamentarians during the 1.5-hour study visit on Friday, 5 August 2016. Click on for more details.


Seminar on ‘Was Angkor more Esoteric Buddhist than Brahmanical?’


This seminar discussed an inscription that recently surfaced in Paris, arguing that it is changing the history of the ancient Khmer Empire at its apogee in the 12th century. Numbered K. 1297, it shows that Angkor reached its ultimate sway as one of the world’s great empires under Buddhist kings. – Click on to learn more about the seminar.


Seminar on After Finding Francis: Teo Kah Leng’s Malayan Poetry in the Era of Decolonisation


The seminar attempted to demonstrate, through textual and discourse analysis, that Teo’s poems, although falling into oblivion during Malaya’ s era of decolonisation, constituted a significant part of the post-war Malayan poetry – Click on to learn more about the seminar.


Seminar on Dragon or Panda: The Indonesian Elites’ Perception of China and Sino-Indonesia Relations


The seminar attempted to discuss issues such as the suspicions about China’s agenda to dominate Indonesia through its participation in Indonesia’s infrastructure projects, and in collaboration with the ethnic Chinese big businessmen and politicians, especially among those who resent the Indonesian government’s close relations with China – Click on to learn more about the seminar.


Seminar on The Nature of the IS Threat to Malaysia


The seminar attempted to address the following questions – How do IS elements infiltrate and develop in Malaysia? What propaganda and narratives do they use? Why are some Malaysians attracted to IS narratives? And how is Malaysia dealing with the increasing from IS?  Click on to find out the answers to these burning questions.


Seminar on The Implications of the Arbitral Tribunal Award in the Philippines vs. China Case on the South China Sea


The seminar provided a background of the implications of the Arbitral Tribunal Award in the Philippines vs. China Case on the South China Sea.    


Lecture on Malaysian Capitalism Amongst Diverse Asian Capitalisms: A New Theoretical Framework


The seminar provided an analysis of Malaysia’s capitalism form the perspective of the Régulation framework, which is used to assess two major changes since 2009, namely, ambivalence of the changing State-Business ties and the China-oriented shift of international integration.    


Seminar on Nineteenth Century Origins of Art in Singapore


The National Gallery’s inaugural exhibition on Singapore art, SIAPA NAMA KAMU?, which opened in November 2015, pushes the beginnings of art in Singapore back to the nineteenth century. This seminar presentation builds on an essay  which Mr Kwa Chong Guan was invited to contribute to a forthcoming National Gallery publication.    


Lecture on ‘Cultural Heritage and Inter-Asian Interactions’


This lecture discussed the philosophy of the historic Nalanda University and the challenges of transmitting its philosophical praxis in the revived Nalanda University. Dr Anjana Sharma shared about the ways which the university planners impart the Nalanda spirit and philosophy to its curriculum, from the design of the new campus to the crafting of a conference concept.


Economic and Geo-Political Dimensions of TPP Seminar


Negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were successfully concluded on 5 October 2015. The free trade agreement has potentially far-reaching economic and geo-political consequences for member and non-member countries. Two distinguished scholars will examine these consequences in the seminar.