About Us

The ASEAN Studies Centre (ASC) was established in 2008 to research on issues pertaining to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as an institution and a process. Through research, publications, conferences, media engagement and outreach activities, ASC seeks to promote greater understanding of ASEAN and to contribute toward regional cooperation and integration. The Centre conducts studies and provides inputs to stakeholders on issues and matters that call for collective ASEAN actions and responses, especially those pertinent to building the ASEAN Community.

As part of the Centre’s on-going effort to raise awareness and lead discussions on ASEAN matters, our Fellows actively share their research findings and opinions on ASEAN developments and issues in major news outlets and online platforms. ASC organizes events such as the ASEAN Roundtable and the ASEAN Lecture Series which feature and engage high-level policy-makers, eminent scholars, public intellectuals and business leaders discussing transformative ideas that will shape the development of the region, in addition to fostering a better understanding of ASEAN. Our quarterly publication ASEANFocus connects the wider audience to important developments in Southeast Asia with in-depth analytical pieces at the same time enhancing understanding and awareness on ASEAN.

Some of the Centre’s research focus areas include ASEAN relations with the major powers, the regional security architecture, economic integration, regional trade liberalisation, economic regionalism, movement of labour, development gap, connectivity, illegal and irregular movement of people, people-to-people connectivity, environmental security (including transboundary haze).

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