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Mr Manggi Taruna Habir


Visiting Fellow

Research Interests: Digital trends in Indonesia’s financial sector
Email: manggi_taruna_habir@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Ms Erh Luo Zhen Joey


Research Associate

Research Interests: Innovation, Labour and Productivity, International Economics
Email: joey_erh@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704541


Ms Shee Siew Ying


Research Associate

Research Interests: Geography, Southeast Asian Studies
Email: shee_siew_ying@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704541


Dr Mohd Faizal Bin Musa


Visiting Fellow

Research Interests: Islamic Studies
Email: mohd_faizal_musa@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Mr Dien Nguyen An Luong


Visiting Fellow

Research Interests: Journalism, Social Media
Email: dien_nguyen_an_luong@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Dr Tan Siah Yeow, Kevin


Visiting Senior Fellow

Research Interests: Urban Anthropology, Multiculturalism and Transnationalism, Migration and Borderlands Studies
Email: kevin_tan@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704538


Ms Fanzura Banu


Research Officer

Research Interests: Heritage and History
Email: fanzura_banu@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704513


Mr Wan Saiful Wan Jan


Associate Fellow

Research Interests: Malaysia politics and public policy
Email: wan_saiful@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Dr A’an Suryana


Visiting Fellow

Research Interests: Political Islam, Communal Violent and Conflict Resolution
Email: aan_suryana@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Dr Nicolas Lainez


Visiting Fellow

Research Interests: Issues relating to debt, credit, migration and sexuality in Vietnam
Email: nicolas_jose_lainez@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704541