Annual Report 2021-2022

FY 2021/2022 was another tumultuous year for the region. The lingering health and economic effects of COVID-19, the coup in Myanmar, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the fractious relationship between US and China have all impacted Southeast Asia in different ways. Amidst all these, ISEAS’ work continued apace. ISEAS’s staff adapted well to working remotely during the pandemic as seen in the higher output of analyses and webinars by our researchers.

The past year also saw the announcement of the discovery of the historic 14th century and 18th century shipwrecks in Singapore waters, a culmination of 6 years’ worth of marine archaeology work by ISEAS. Institutionally, we have also forged ahead in our digital transformation drive and administrative processes to better deliver our research products to audiences.

Today, we are switching gears to move towards hybrid webinars and easing back into fieldwork as travel restrictions ease. In doing so, we will reap the benefits of intellectual collaboration when researchers have regular face-to-face encounters as well as develop a keener understanding of local events by being on the ground. We hope you will continue to support ISEAS and our work.

For more details on these and other information, please download our Annual Report in PDF.

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