Annual Report 2022-2023

In FY 2022/2023, we witnessed the worrisome entrenchment of deep-seated conflicts around the world. Meanwhile, closer to home, ASEAN continues to search for a coherent and decisive way to deal with the crisis in Myanmar.

Against this backdrop, ISEAS has been kept busy analysing trends and informing our target audiences on regional developments. Fulcrum blogsite ( which we started in late 2020 has attracted a growing readership with its timely, concise, and readable analysis.  Our two annual surveys, the State of Southeast Asia Survey and the Southeast Asia Climate Outlook Survey, continue to provide insights into the perceptions and views of Southeast Asians on the geopolitical environment and climate crisis respectively. Our signature events have convened to great support from participants in the region as we return to in-person format post-Covid.

Organisationally, in an effort to recognise, develop and retain talent, we have introduced the Assistant Fellow position as a bridge between the Senior Research Officer and Fellow positions to allow a young researcher to move up the ranks if they want to pursue a career at ISEAS. We also introduced the “ISEAS Most Valuable Player Award” to recognise officers—both research and non-research—who have produced work of a consistently high quality. In FY2022, we also welcomed new Board of Trustees members: Ms Foo Chi Hsia, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Ms Amelia Tang, Director, Prime Minister’s Office.

We hope you will continue to support ISEAS and our work.

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