Resource Guide – Singapore


This guide covers selected resources related to Singapore in the ISEAS Library as well as on the Internet.

To find additional materials from ISEAS Library, search the online catalogue SEALion.

Selected Books

Click on the links to browse the Library catalogue using these selected subject headings:

Singapore – Biography
Singapore – History
Singapore – Politics and government
Singapore – Religion


Macroeconomic Review / Monetary Authority of Singapore
Library Holdings: 2002 – current
Call Number: Jou HC445.8 M17
Online access via Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore

Country profile. Singapore / EIU, the Economist Intelligence Unit
Library Holdings: 1990 – 2010
Call Number: Jou HC445.8 Q21
Online access via Economist Intelligence Unit (Contact Library for offsite access.)

Singapore Economic Review  
Library Holdings: 1983 – current
Call Number: Jou HC497 S6A2M

Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (Access via ProQuest)
Coverage: 2004 – current

Current Newspapers & News Websites

Business Times  (Login required for full access)

The Edge Markets

Lianhe Zaobao  (Login required for full access)

The Straits Times  (Login required for full access)

Data & Statistics

 Statistical Materials in the Library Collection

Consumer price index, Singapore
Library holdings: 1975 – 2006
Call Number: Sta asi HD7061 S6S61
Online access via Singapore Department of Statistics

Economic survey of Singapore
Library holdings: 1974 – 2013
Call Number: Jou HC497 S6Q2
Online access via Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry

Monthly statistical bulletin / Monetary Authority of Singapore
Library holdings: 1980 – 2005
Call Number: Sta asi HG3369 S6M742
Online access via Monetary Authority of Singapore

Singapore demographic bulletin
Library holdings: 1988 – 2013
Call Number: Sta asi HA1950 S6A2S
Online access via Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

Singapore trade statistics. Imports and exports
Library holdings: 1975 – 1996
Call Number: Sta asi HF260 S6A2S
Online access via Singapore Department of Statistics

Yearbook of statistics, Singapore
Library holdings: 1967 – 2014
Call Number: Sta asi HA1950 S6A2Y
Online access via Singapore Department of Statistics

Statistical Databases

Statistics updates on selected key indicators about ASEAN and its Member States.

Asian Development Bank Statistical Database
The database contains data on balance of payments, external debt, government finance, labor force, money and interest rates, national accounts, prices, population, social indicators, and trade.

CEIC Data Manager (Onsite access for ISEAS researchers)
CEIC provides granular country-level plus region and state level information on several macroeconomic sectors, such as inflation, exports, tourism and more. Detailed methodological references at indicator, dataset, sector, and country levels are also available.

EIU CountryData (Contact Library for offsite access)
It provides immediate access to headline economic indicators and forecasts vital to economic, financial, and budget models. It also provides hard-edged analysis of a country’s economic health and prospects.

Singapore Department of Statistics
Free access to over 2,200 data tables from 70 public sector agencies with over 90,000 data series, providing a comprehensive statistical view of Singapore’s economic and socio-demographic domains.

UN Comtrade
UN Comtrade is a repository of official international trade statistics and relevant analytical tables.

World Bank Open Data   
Open access to external debt and financial flow data that report public and publicly-guaranteed debt to the World Bank’s Debtor Reporting System. The indicators include external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debt ratios as well as average terms of new commitments, currency composition of long-term debt, debt restructurings, and scheduled debt service projections.

Historical Newspapers

Azad Hind
Azad Hind was a publication that the Provisional Government of Free India set up by the Japanese in Singapore during World War II. 
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1942 – 1945
Call Number: MFM 407

Indian Daily Mail
A daily newspaper publication from Singapore started in 1946 focused on reporting on issues relevant to the Indian population of the Straits region.
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1946 – 1956 
Call Number: MFM 1189

The Indo-Chinese Patriot
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1895 & 1900
Call Number:  MFM 614

The Syonan Times
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1942 – 1945
Call Number:  MFM 962

NewspapersSG is an online resource of current and historic Singapore and Malaya Newspapers created by the National Library Board. You can search newspapers (including Straits Times) but can access selected full-text (Straits Times 1845-1989). 

Private Papers

The Full list of all private papers currently available can be found here. The following is a list of selected private papers that are relevant to contemporary Singapore.

Alexander Arthur Josey – Journalist/Author

David Saul Marshall – Lawyer/politician/diplomat

Gerald De Cruz – Journalist/political observer

Lim Kim San – Businessman/politician

Sinnathamby Rajaratnam – Journalist/politician

Tan Chin Tuan – Banker/philanthropist

Wang Gungwu – Historian, university administrator