Resource Guide – Myanmar


This guide covers selected resources related to Myanmar in the ISEAS Library as well as on the Internet.

The printed materials related to Myanmar in the ISEAS Library consist of some thousands of books and journals, in Burmese as well as other languages. The materials in Burmese scripts are discoverable in library’s online catalogue, using ALA-LC Romanization. If you need help, ask a librarian.

To find additional materials from ISEAS Library, search the online catalogue SEALion.

Selected Books

Click on the links to browse the catalogue using these selected subject headings:

Burma – Biography
Burma – Foreign Relations
Burma – History
Burma – Politics and government


Bulletin of the Burma Studies Group
Library Holdings: 1982 – 2015
Call Number: Jou DS527 B93

The Guardian
Library Holdings: 1961 – 2004
Call Number: Jou DS530.1 G91

The Irrawaddy: covering Myanmar, its neighbours and Southeast Asia
Library Holdings: 2009 – 2015
Call Number:  Jou DS530.65 I72

Journal of Burma Studies
Library Holdings: 1997 – current
Call Number: Jou DS527 J86

The Journal of the Burma Research Society 
Library Holdings: 1911 – 1979
Call Number: CD 58; SE-100; Jou DS530.1 B96

Mranʻ mā samuiṅʻʺ sutesana cā coṅʻ [Myanmar historical research journal]
Library holdings: 1995 – 2018
Call Number: Jou DS527.9 M93

Mranʻ māʹ dhana cǐʺ pvāʺ reʺ maggazaṅʻʺ
Library Holdings: 1994 – 2011
Call Number: Jou HF5001 M93

Current Newspapers & News Websites

Data & Statistics

 Statistical Materials in the Library Collection

Agricultural Statistics
Library Holdings: 1963 – 1998
Call Number: STA ABR HD2065.7 M99

Myanmar Agriculture in Brief
Library Holdings: 2012 – current
Call Number: STA ABR HD9016 B9M99

Myanmar Agricultural Statistics / the Government of the Union of Myanmar
Library Holdings: 1989 – 2005
Call Number: STA ABR HD2065.7 M995

Statistical yearbook
Library Holdings: 1989 – 2020
Call Number: STA ABR HA1950 B9B961
Online access:

Population Projections: Burma 1961 – 2001
Library Holdings: 1961 – 2001
Call Number: STA ABR HB3636.7 A3 1961 – 2001

Review of the Financial, Economic and Social Conditions for … / Union of Myanmar
Library Holdings: 1989 – 1998
Call Number: STA ABR HA1950 B9B962

Selected Monthly Economic Indicators
Library Holdings: 1969 – 2017
Call Number: STA ABR HC497 B9B965

Statistical Databases

Statistics updates on selected key indicators about ASEAN and its Member States.

Asian Development Bank Statistical Database
The database contains data on balance of payments, external debt, government finance, labor force, money and interest rates, national accounts, prices, population, social indicators, and trade.

CEIC Data Manager(Onsite access for ISEAS researchers)
CEIC provides granular country-level plus region and state level information on several macroeconomic sectors, such as inflation, exports, tourism and more. Detailed methodological references at indicator, dataset, sector, and country levels are also available.

EIU CountryData (Contact Library for offsite access)
It provides immediate access to headline economic indicators and forecasts vital to economic, financial, and budget models. It also provides hard-edged analysis of a country’s economic health and prospects.

Ministry of Hotels & Tourism Myanmar 
Tourism statistics feature fast facts about Myanmar, licenced tour companies and transportation, star-rated hotels, investments and much more. 

Myanmar Statistical Information Service
The Myanmar Information System is a web-based national database of statistics about Myanmar developed by the Central Statistical Organization.

Myanmar Information Management Unit
The Myanmar Information Management Unit, or MIMU, provides information management services to strengthen analysis and decision-making of the humanitarian and development community in Myanmar. It maintains a common data and information repository with data from various sources on all sectors, countrywide, at the lowest administrative unit for which it is available.

OpenDevelopment Mekong
Open data site for greater Mekong region, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam.

UN ComtradeUN Comtrade is a repository of official international trade statistics and relevant analytical tables.

World Bank Open Data  
Open access to external debt and financial flow data that report public and publicly-guaranteed debt to the World Bank’s Debtor Reporting System. The indicators include external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debt ratios as well as average terms of new commitments, currency composition of long-term debt, debt restructurings, and scheduled debt service projections.

Historical Newspapers

The Guardian
Library Holdings:  1959 – 1988
Call Number: MFM 105
Language: English

Library Holdings: 1945 – 1958
Call Number: MFM 114
Language: Burmese

Library Holdings: 1948 – 1964
Call Number: MFM 134
Language: English

New Times of Burma
Library Holdings: 1950 – 1960
Call Number: MFM 113
Language: English

The New Light of Myanmar
Library Holdings: 1993 – 2006
Call Number: MFM 760
Language: English and Burmese

Online Resources

Fragile Palm Leaves Digitisation Initiative
Buddhist Digital Resource Center (BDRC) digitised and catalogued 300 Pali and vernacular manuscripts in Burmese script held by Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation. The majority of the materials digitised date from the 18th or 19th century. The texts cover a variety of topics, including law, poetry, stories of the Buddha, grammar and religious rituals.

Myanmar Manuscript Digital Library (MMDL)
This archive, hosted by the University of Toronto and supported by Robarts Library, aims at bringing together and making manuscripts and rare print editions available online from individual libraries throughout Myanmar. It is the platform for an ongoing digitizing project, initiated and conducted by William Pruitt and an international team of Myanmar and Pali scholars, and supported, since 2012, by the Pali Text Society, as well as by Yumi Ousaka of the Sendai National College of Technology, the KDDI Foundation, the Mitsubishi Foundation, the CARI Foundation, and JSPS Kakenhi.

Online Burma/Myanmar Library
Classified and annotated links to more than 60,000 full text documents on Burma/Myanmar.

Southeast Asia Digital Library (SEADL): Burma
Contains digital facsimiles of books and manuscripts, as well as multimedia materials and searchable indexes of additional Southeast Asian resources. Nations represented in the collection include Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.