Microform Collection

The ISEAS Library microform collection comprises about 118,000 sheets of 105mm microfiche and 18,000 microfilm reels. The collection includes regional newspapers, journals, theses, rare and antiquarian books and press clippings.

Microform readers are available in the Library for users to view, print and scan images from microfilm/fiche.

User Manual: How to use the Microfilm Reader

ISEAS Library Microfilm Listing 

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Annex A Reel 1084 Title ListAnnex B Reel 1085 Title List
Annex C Reel 1086 Title ListAnnex D Reel 1088 Title List
Annex E Reel 1089 Title ListAnnex F Reel 1090 Title List
Annex G Reel 1091 Title ListAnnex H Reel 1092 Title List
Annex I Reel 1093 Title ListAnnex J Reel 1095 Title List
Annex K Reel 1096 Title List