Resource Guide – Indonesia


This guide covers various subjects of Indonesia from selected resources available in ISEAS Library and on the Internet. The topic varies from politics, economy, history, anthropology, religion and society in multiple languages.

To find additional materials from ISEAS Library, search the online catalogue SEALion.

Selected Books

A History of Modern Indonesia 
Call Number: DS634 V63 2013

Bibliografi Nasional Indonesia
National bibliography of Indonesia
Library Holdings: 1945 – 1972, 1974 – 2011, 2013 – 2015
Call Number: Ref Z3271 I38

Earliest Publications on Indonesia in ISEAS Library : a Select List
Call Number: REF Z3271 E13

The Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War
Call Number: REF DS643.5 E56

Ethnicity and Religion in Indonesia: a Select List 
Call Number: REF Z3277 E74L31

Historical Dictionary of Indonesia 
Call Number: REF DS633 C92 2015

Sejarah Kecil “Petite Histoire” Indonesia 
This title consists of 6 volumes on the history of socio-political and economic conditions in Indonesia.
Call Number: DS634 A63

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Indonesia – Biography
Indonesia – History
Indonesia – Politics and government
Indonesia – Religion


Antropologi Indonesia 
Library Holdings: 1989 – 2012
Call Number: Jou DS611 B51

Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkunde 
Library Holdings: Hardcopy: 1856- 2012; Online: 1853 – current                                    
Call Number: Jou DS611 B59

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies  
Library Holdings: 1965 – current
Call Number: Jou HC446 B93

Forum Keadilan 
Library Holdings: 1991 – current
Call Number: Jou KE2135 F74

Gatra : majalah berita mingguan  
Library Holdings: 1994 – current
Call Number: Jou DS1 G26

Library Holdings:  1966 – current
Call Number: Jou DS611 I41

Indonesia and the Malay World 
Library Holdings: 1997 – current
Call Number: Jou DS611 I41C

Indonesian Journal of Geography 
Library Holdings: 1976 – 2015
Call Number: JOU G40 M18

The Indonesian quarterly 
Library Holdings: 1972 – 2008
Call Number: Jou DS611 I441

Jurnal Ekonomi Dan Pembangunan 
Library Holdings: 1993 – current
Call Number: Jou HC446 J952

Jurnal kependudukan Indonesia 
Library Holdings: 2009 – current
Call Number: Jou HB3647 J96

Kliping tentang peta politik di Indonesia  
Library Holdings: 1991 – 2013
Call Number: Jou DS645 P47

Studia Islamika 
Library Holdings: 1994 – current
Call Number: Jou BP1 S93

Tempo : majalah berita mingguan
Library Holdings: 1971 – current
Call Number: Jou DS1 T28

Tempo : weekly news magazine 
Library Holdings: 2000 – current
Call Number: Jou DS1 T281

Library Holdings: 2006 – 2012
Call Number: Jou DS611 Y53

Current Newspapers & News Websites

Antara News

Bali Post

Jakarta Post (Please contact Library for offsite access.)

Jakarta Globe

Data & Statistics

 Statistical Materials in the Library Collection

Ekspor, statistik perdagangan luar negeri Indonesia = Exports, Indonesia foreign trade statistics 
Library Holdings: 1984 – 2010
Call Number: Sta aio HF3801.5 E37

Impor, statistik perdagangan luar negeri Indonesia = Imports, Indonesia foreign trade statistics 
Library Holdings: 1984 – current
Call Number: Sta aio HF3801.5 I31

Indikator ekonomi
Library Holdings: 1970 – current
Call Number: Sta aio HA1811 I412

Keadaan angkatan kerja di Indonesia = The labour force situation in Indonesia
Library Holdings: 1976 – current
Call Number: Sta aio HD8703 I411

Pendapatan nasional Indonesia = National income of Indonesia
Library Holdings: 1960 – 2009
Call Number: Sta aio HC446 I42

Statistik Ekonomi Keuangan Indonesia = Indonesian Financial Statistics
Library Holdings: 1972 – 2017
Call Number: Sta aio HG3301 S79

Statistik ekonomi moneter Indonesia = Indonesian monetary economic statistics
Library Holdings: 2001 – 2005
Call Number: Sta aio HC447 B21

Statistik Indonesia: statistical yearbook of Indonesia 
Library Holdings: 1975 – 2012
Call Number: Sta aio HA1811 I42

Statistik lingkungan hidup Indonesia
Library Holdings: 1984 – 2010
Call Number: Sta aio HC447 S79

Statistical Databases

Statistics updates on selected key indicators about ASEAN and its Member States.

Asian Development Bank Statistical Database
The database contains data on balance of payments, external debt, government finance, labor force, money and interest rates, national accounts, prices, population, social indicators, and trade.

Bank Indonesia 
Bank Indonesia provides financial statistics and other indicators. 

CEIC Data Manager (Onsite access for ISEAS researchers)
CEIC provides granular country-level plus region and state level information on several macroeconomic sectors, such as inflation, exports, tourism and more. Detailed methodological references at indicator, dataset, sector, and country levels are also available.

Central Bureau of Statistics Indonesia
It provides statistical information on Indonesia.

EIU CountryData (Contact Library for offsite access)
It provides immediate access to headline economic indicators and forecasts vital to economic, financial, and budget models. It also provides hard-edged analysis of a country’s economic health and prospects.

UN Comtrade
UN Comtrade is a repository of official international trade statistics and relevant analytical tables.

World Bank Open Data   
Open access to external debt and financial flow data that report public and publicly-guaranteed debt to the World Bank’s Debtor Reporting System. The indicators include external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debt ratios as well as average terms of new commitments, currency composition of long-term debt, debt restructurings, and scheduled debt service projections.

Historical Newspapers

Historical Newspapers – in Indonesian

Bali post: harian umum pengemban pengamal Pancasila
Language: IndonesianLibrary Holdings: 1971 – 2003
Call Number: MFM 199

Berita yudha
An anti-communist daily newspaper initially founded in 1965.
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1965 – 1998
Call Number: MFM 194

Bintang timur
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1958 – 1965
Call Number: MFM 2

Duta masjarakat
A daily newspaper published in Surabaya, Indonesia.
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1956 – 1971
Call Number: MFM 3

Harian abadi
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1969-1973
Call Number: MFM 141

Harian rakjat
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1953 – 1965
Call Number: MFM 4

Jawa pos
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1994-2002
Call Number: MFM 386

Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1965 – 2006
Call Number: MFM 142

Mimbar umum
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1966 – 1993
Call Number: MFM 193

Minggu pagi
A Yogyakarta weekly newspaper.
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1969 – 1990
Call Number: MFM 184

Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1989 – 2002
Call Number: MFM 846

A Malay-language newspaper published in Batavia, renamed from Kabar – perniagaan in 1907.
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1905 – 1924
Call Number: MFM 1064

Pikiran rakjat
A local Bandung broadsheet, offering a national coverage.
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1950 – 1981
Call Number: MFM 16

Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1994 – 2003
Call Number: MFM 844

Sinar harapan
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1964 – 1986
Call Number: MFM 108

Surara karya
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1971 – 1976
Call Number: MFM 341

Suara pembaruan
A daily newspaper established in 1987 as a replacement for Sinar Harapan.
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1987 – 2004
Call Number: MFM 762

Warta berita Antara
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1964 – 1993
Call Number: MFM 200

Waspada suara kesatuan Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Library Holdings: 1948 – 1981
Call Number: MFM 488

Historical Newspapers – in English & Other Languages

Business news
Language: Indonesian and English
Library Holdings: 1958 – 1985
Call Number: MFM 26 (Indonesian Edition) and MFM27 (English Edition)

De locomotief
The first newspaper published in Semarang during the Dutch colonial period in 1845.
Language: Dutch
Library Holdings: 1864 – 1956
Call Number: MFM 96

Deli courant
The first newspaper published in Medan.
Language: Dutch
Library Holdings: 1885 – 1940
Call Number: MFM 314

Djkarta times
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1966 – 1972
Call Number: MFM 185

Harian Indonesia
The only Chinese language newspaper allowed to be published during the Suharto regime.
Language: Chinese
Library Holdings: 1971 – 2001
Call Number: MFM 169

Indonesian daily news
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1964-1978
Call Number: MFM 186

Indonesian herald
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1961 – 1966
Call Number: MFM 6

Indonesian observer
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1954 – 1992
Call Number: MFM 20

Indonesia times
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1974 – 1997
Call Number: MFM 324

Jakarta Post
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1983 – 2001
Call Number: MFM 757

Jakarta times
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1972 – 1974
Call Number: MFM 185

Language: Malay
Library Holdings: 1923 – 1958
Call Number: MFM 116

News bulletin (Antara Organization)
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1959 – 1994
Call Number: MFM 1

P.I.A. news bulletin
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1947 – 1962
Call Number: MFM 10

Language: Malay
Library Holdings: 1926-1941
Call Number: MFM 958

Selompret melajoe
Language: Malay
Library Holdings: 1861 – 1911
Call Number: MFM 1036

Siang po
Language: Malay
Library Holdings: 1930 – 1932
Call Number: MFM 1062

Sin po
A Chinese-Malay newspaper published in Jakarta.
Language: Malay
Library Holdings: 1914 – 1951
Call Number: MFM 211

Sin tit po
A Chinese-Malay newspaper published in Indonesia.
Language: Malay
Library Holdings: 1924 – 1942
Call Number: MFM 425

Times of Indonesia
Language: English
Library Holdings: 1952 – 1960
Call Number: MFM 175

Online Resources

Aceh Books
This digital collection offers full-text access to more than 1200 publications on Aceh, the province located at the northern end of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The books form part of the collection of the Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) in Leiden which is kept at the Leiden University Library.

Neliti – Indonesia’s Research Repository
Neliti is a research repository that helps researchers and decision makers in Indonesia find research, data and evidence. It indexes journal articles, books, research reports, policy papers, conference papers and datasets from universities, government bodies, corporate publishers, and think tanks.