ISEAS Perspective 2020

ISEAS Perspective provides analysis of specific current events and their significance for the Southeast Asian region. This will be published occasionally, and is aimed at keeping decision-makers in both the public and private sectors informed; as well as scholars, laymen and the interested public.


2020/21 “Social Media and Polarization in the “New Malaysia”” by Quinton Temby


2020 No. 21


2020/20 “Malaysia’s Self-Employment Explosion: Why So Many Own-Account Workers?” by Michael T Schaper


2020 No. 20


2020/19 “Is the US being Eclipsed in Southeast Asia?” by Choi Shing Kwok


2020 No. 19


2020/18 “Malaysia and the South China Sea Dispute: Policy Continuity amid Domestic Political Change” by Ian Storey


2020 No. 18


2020/17 “The Rise of “Murky” Protectionism: Standard-Like Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN” by Evelyn S. Devadason


2020 No. 17


2020/16 “Indonesia: Digital Communications Energising New Political Generation`s Campaign for Democracy” by Yatun Sastramidjaja


2020 No. 16


2020/15 “Surveying ASEAN’s Horizons: The State of Southeast Asia’s 2020 Key Takeaways” by Hoang Thi Ha and Glenn Ong


2020 No. 15


2020/14 “The EU’s EBA Scheme and the Future of Cambodia’s Garment Industry” by Kiyoyasu Tanaka


2020 No. 14


2020/13 “Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor: A Bold Strategic Move” by Sihasak Phuangketkeow


2020 No. 13


2020/12 “Southeast Asia’s Hopes and Fears about China” by Choi Shing Kwok


2020 No. 12