Environmental Policy Statement

ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute believes that its purpose as a leading research institute on Southeast Asia is congruent with its efforts to be environmentally-friendly and socially responsible to the community we reside in: a better living environment leads to healthier staff, which in turn increases the quality of our administrative efforts and research outputs.
We are committed to promoting greater environmental stewardship and continuing to explore environmentally friendly modes of operations for our institute. Primarily focusing on resource management, we are mindful of our responsibility for climate protection.
All staff are to abide by this environmental policy to achieve our goal of delivering sustainable value to our guests, our people and the environment.

Our Primary Environmental Objectives

1. Enabling Our Staff and Partnering our Stakeholders

1.1. Provide information and initiatives to engage our employees to take part in environmental protection
1.2. Ensure our staff are aware of the environmental impacts of their work activities and encourage them through regular awareness to minimize those impacts
1.3. Share relevant and applicable environmental laws and regulations to our staff
1.4. Encourage staff to hold events or seminars in Green Mark Certified venues
1.5. Collaborate with and encourage our guests and suppliers to minimize their carbon footprint
1.6. Support MEWR and NEA in energy-conservation and environment protection policies and activities

2. Promoting Operational Efficiency

2.1. Continually review, reinvent plans and measures to enhance the efficiency of our operations and infrastructure thereby managing the evolving risks from climate change
2.2. Commit to resource efficiency by means of:
2.2.1. Adopt a procurement approach which takes into account the environmental impact of products and services and supports the purchase of energy-efficient products
2.2.2. Monitoring and optimizing the use of resources (e.g. electricity, fuel, water, paper, packing materials) in our facilities
2.2.3. Reducing, recycling and reusing (as appropriate) materials and waste
2.2.4. Creation of compost by recycling horticultural waste
2.2.5. Utilising Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) paper for office purposes
2.3 Encouraging fuel-saving driving habits for ISEAS Vehicles

3. Strengthening Our Energy Efforts

3.1. Commit to create a cleaner and greener environment through continuous efforts dedicated to energy efficiency
3.2. Achieve and maintain Green Mark Certificate
3.3. Incorporate energy efficiency measures into the Institute and promoting efficient energy use in the various areas in the Institute

Policy Statement Communication and Review

This Policy Statement is to be communicated to all interested parties via our internet website. To our staff, the policy will be communicated via internal communication channels. The environmental policy, objectives and targets will be reviewed on a regular basis.