ASEANFocus Issue 1/2023



  • The Geopolitics of Energy Transition
  • Learning Sustainability Financing from the G20
  • Leveraging Digital Economy for Sustainability
  • Military Modernisation
  • Astrotourism in Southeast Asia


ASEANFocus Issue 2/2022



  • Has ASEAN Lost it?
  • Global Security Initiative: Anything New?
  • Why is Timor-Leste Important for ASEAN?
  • ASEAN’s Engagement in the Indo-Pacific
  • FermentAsean


ASEANFocus Issue 1/2022



  • ASEAN Year in Review: 2021
  • ASEAN Troika for Myanmar
  • Re-Energising ASEAN Tourism
  • Time to Revisit an ASEAN Travel Bubble
  • Mad About Milk Tea


ASEANFocus Issue 2/2021



  • ASEAN Digitalisation Beyond COVID-19
  • Myanmar & the ASEAN Way
  • Addressing the Climate & Biodiversity Nexus
  • Southeast Asia’s Forests & their Contributions
  • Hill Stations of Southeast Asia


ASEANFocus Issue 1/2021



  • Non-Intervention & the Myanmar Conundrum
  • Embracing Change to Stay Resilient
  • Rethinking Law in ASEAN’s Rules-based Order
  • Erosion of ASEAN Centrality
  • #LeaveNoOneBehind


ASEANFocus Issue 4/2020



  • “America is Back.” To Southeast Asia?
  • Meeting Online: A New Normal in ASEAN?
  • E-Democracy in Southeast Asia
  • Improving Digital Connectivity for E-Commerce
  • Vietnam’s 2020 ASEAN Chairmanship


ASEANFocus Issue 3/2020



  • ASEAN-US Relations Post-US Presidential Election
  • Geopolitics in the Age of COVID-19
  • Economic Impact of COVID-19
  • Embracing Sustainable COVID-19 Recovery
  • COVID-19 Infodemic


ASEANFocus Issue 2/2020



  • Strengthening ASEAN Food Trade During COVID-19
  • Conflicting Maritime Visions of the South China Sea
  • Perspectives of the SCS Arbitration Award
  • 45 Years of ASEAN-New Zealand Relations
  • Tattoo Traditions in Southeast Asia


ASEANFocus Issue 1/2020



  • Pondering Southeast Asia’s Future Beyond COVID-19
  • Bracing for the US- China Trade War
  • Is ASEAN Ready to Deal with Climate Change?
  • Climate Action Through Landscape Design
  • Life on the Water in Southeast Asia


The State of Southeast Asia: 2020 Survey Report


The State of Southeast Asia: 2020 Survey Report presents the findings of a region-wide online survey conducted among the policy, research, business, civil society, and media communities. A total of 1,308 respondents from the ten ASEAN member states participated in the 2020 edition of the survey, which seeks to understand the perceptions of Southeast Asians on regional affairs and ASEAN’s engagements with its Dialogue Partners, especially the major powers.