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Our ISEAS experts make sense of the rapid economic growth and fast-evolving geopolitical landscape in Southeast Asia through rigorous research and fieldwork, to help us react nimbly to breaking events and challenges concerning the region.

Since 1968, ISEAS’s work has been deeply relevant to policymakers, business leaders, government organisations and the scholarly community. On a regional level, we are attentive to ASEAN integration and regional geopolitics. On a country level, we focus on Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

Our events and activities, endowment gifts, ISEAS research and general projects are made possible through the generosity of ISEAS donors and institutional partners, who share our commitment to quality, independence and relevancy of ISEAS research through financial contributions and intellectual engagement.

We invite you to support ISEAS as we continue to create a positive impact on Southeast Asia and the world.

ISEAS is non-partisan in its staff and Board composition. ISEAS is an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), under ISEAS RESEARCH FUNDS, reflecting the diversity of its donors and supporters.

ISEAS offers a unique value proposition for you to be actively involved in the intellectual support of the institute.

Events and Activities

Event sponsorship at ISEAS encompasses flagship events from the Regional Outlook Forum (ROF) to public conferences. ISEAS hosts half-day to one-day conferences for policymakers, business leaders, government organisations and the scholarly community to discuss developments and challenges facing Southeast Asia. Supporters enable ISEAS to promote interest and understanding in Southeast Asia, as well as help in the growth and development of the region.

Endowment Gifts

Your endowment gift supports initiatives that perpetuate the work of ISEAS. Each year, a portion of the gift is used to support the chosen purpose of the donor’s gift, while preserving the capital sum. Through your gift, ISEAS can support initiatives that can extend to future generations in perpetuity.

a. Named Scholarships

Financial aid endowment, such as a scholarship, supports talented local scholars to pursue postgraduate/PhD studies. Your named scholarship establishes a permanent legacy of support for ISEAS and will ensure that driven and capable young individuals are empowered to contribute to ISEAS research and fieldwork in Southeast Asia.

ISEAS currently offers:

  • KS Sandhu Graduate Scholarship
  • Tun Dato Sir Cheng Lock Tan MA Scholarship
  • ISEAS PhD Scholarship

b. Other Gifts

Donors can establish endowment gifts through bequests, charitable trusts or other gift vehicles that take place after their lifetimes. Such gifts made annually represent the amount that would have been distributed from the endowment and provide the support that the planned gift will provide eventually.

ISEAS Research

Those interested in partnering with ISEAS Research can support specific research projects and/or the following ISEAS research programmes and centres.

ISEAS research programmes:

  1. Regional Economic Studies
  2. Regional Social & Cultural Studies
  3. Regional Strategic & Political Studies
  4. Country studies programme – Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

ISEAS centres:

  1. ASEAN Studies Centre
  2. Singapore APEC Studies Centre
  3. Temasek History Research Centre

ISEAS Research analyses and findings are delivered in the form of public seminars, ISEAS Perspective, ISEAS Commentary pieces, ISEAS journals, working papers and book publications. Areas of support include, but are not limited to

  1. Supporting ISEAS research and fieldwork activities by ISEAS experts
  2. Supporting dissemination and sharing of research via public seminars, workshops, events and publications
  3. Supporting visiting fellows to ISEAS to enhance scholarly knowledge exchanges
  4. Support ISEAS Library collections, private papers and gallery exhibitions to advance the study of Southeast Asia nations

General Projects

Support for general projects will fulfil gaps in the content for research projects across all ISEAS research programmes and centres. This includes, but not limited to, working papers, private workshops, closed-door conferences, ISEAS luncheon/dinner briefings with VIP speakers, public outreach programs and general operations and logistics.

To learn more about how you can be involved, please contact:

Mr Malcolm Yiong
Assistant Director, Development
Tel: 6870 4520