Mind the Gap: Biden’s Opportunity to Reengage Southeast Asia


The Biden administration will need to get both its words and actions right to rebuild trust in the USA in Southeast Asia.



Biden and Southeast Asia: When Foreign Policy Begins at Home


President-elect Biden will restore a more traditional style of diplomacy to the United States, but domestic considerations will weigh heavily on American foreign policy – and Washington’s approach to Southeast Asia.



Fulcrum: Putting the Spotlight on Southeast Asia


fulcrum /ˈfʊlkrə/, /ˈfʌlkrə/ ) ​(physics) the point on which a lever turns or is supported. ​[usually singular] the most important part of an activity or a situation.



Thai Political Protests: Drifting into Uncharted Waters


The political temperature in Thailand is set to raise, as protest leaders up the ante and demand the reform of the monarchy. A separate process of constitutional amendment in Parliament will skirt the contentious issue.



Affirming ASEAN’s East Asian Centrality


The signing of the 15-member Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is significant, and not only due to the fact that the trade deal will cover a third of the world’s population and GDP. The RCEP also affirms the power of the East Asia concept and ASEAN’s centrality within it.



Malaysia’s “Stand United” Budget Heading Into Testy Debate


Malaysia’s 2021 budget strikes a conciliatory tone, but it will face some vigorous debate in parliament.



The Return of a Firebrand Cleric: Consolidation of Islamic Vigilantism?


The return of a firebrand cleric to Indonesia will have an impact on the dynamics of religiosity in the country. It will also empower and consolidate groups opposed to the government of Joko Widodo.



Voting as Civic Duty, A New Norm in Myanmar


The reasons for voting in Myanmar are helping to consolidate its new democracy.



Demography and Democratisation


Thailand’s current political demonstrations suggest that demography matters for democracy.



What if General Prayut Resigns?


Prime Minister General Prayut’s resignation would complicate, not moderate, Thailand’s current political turmoil.