The “Indo-Pacific” is Here to Stay


While the aspirational adjectives that prefix it may change, the Indo-Pacific will better reflect the strategic geography of the new era of great power contestation.



Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail: End of the Line?


A truncated high-speed rail service that ends in Johor Bahru rather than Singapore will significantly reduce the potential economic benefits of the railway project.



The Widodo Government in 2020: The Tadpole Flails


Indonesia’s 2024 presidential election is looming large on the horizon as Jokowi’s image wanes.



Could Vietnam Deploy a Social Credit System Like in China?


While Vietnam offers a favourable authoritarian environment, the inherent political risks may preclude its introduction.



Pushing Back Against China’s Digital Order


Digital rivalry in Southeast Asia goes well beyond the choice of 5G providers.



A Duterte-Democrat President Redux?


A Biden Administration will see strong headwinds as it pertains to Washington’s relations with Manila.



Partial Panacea: RCEP and Inter-ASEAN Trade


ASEAN Centrality would not be very meaningful if intra-ASEAN trade remains shallow.



ASEAN-Australia Partnership Amid the Pandemic: Deepening Ties in Challenging Times


During the Covid-19 crisis, Australia has doubled down on its support for ASEAN centrality in the Indo-Pacific. The ASEAN-Australia partnership has emerged stronger than ever.



Opening-up Travel in Southeast Asia: Blowing Bubbles Into Balloons


Quarantine-free travel in Southeast Asia is unlikely anytime soon, but regional countries can double efforts to move travel bubbles into bigger travel balloons.



US Indo-Pacific Command: Standing with Allies and Partners Amid the Pandemic


In this special contribution to Fulcrum, Admiral Philip Davidson, commander of US Indo-Pacific Command, stresses that the US’ largest geographic combatant command will continue to work with allies and partners across the region, particularly those in Southeast Asia. He argues that there is a growing “strategic convergence” between the US and the region.