Webinar on “The Invention of China’s South China Sea Claims and Implications for Southeast Asia”


In this webinar, Dr Bill Hayton explains how a failed Chinese official who became a self-taught geography professor and two of his students who became government advisors invented the line in the 1930s and 1940s.



“Gangsters, tourists and farmers of corn: how China’s Southeast Asia ties can be hurt by those beyond Beijing’s control” – Op-Ed by Enze Han in SCMP


This article was first published by the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute as Trends in Southeast Asia 2021/1 ‘Non-state Chinese Actors And Their Impact On Relations Between China And Mainland Southeast Asia’ and extracted for publication by South China Morning Post on 13 January 2021.



“Indo-Pacific: The central theatre of 21st century great power struggle” – Op-Ed by Daljit Singh in Think China


This article was first published by ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute as Fulcrum Commentary “The “Indo-Pacific” is Here to Stay” and republished by Think China on 13 January 2021.



Norshahril Saat quoted by The Diplomat: “Malaysia Declares Virus Emergency, Offering Reprieve for Besieged PM”


This article was published by The Diplomat on 12 January 2021 and referred to Fulcrum Commentary “Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional: Parlous State of Political Limbo



Webinar on “Indonesia’s Decentralisation Reforms 20 Years On: Part 3”


Taking the upcoming 20 year anniversary of Indonesia’s reform process as a reference point, this project seeks to explore the effect of the country’s decentralisation reforms over the past two decades. This webinar is the last of a series of three and focuses on inequality, poverty and education sector performance at the subnational level.



Webinar on “After the Vote, What’s Next?”


In this webinar, four speakers with research expertise in these different aspects of Myanmar’s transition will share their thoughts on what comes next after the vote, for the country and the diverse communities within it.



Malcolm Cook interviewed by Rappler Talk on Duterte’s foreign policy in 2021


This podcast was broadcast Rappler Talk on 8 January 2021.



Francis Hutchinson quoted by SCMP: “What derailed the Singapore-Malaysia high-speed link, and where now for neighbours’ troubled relationship?”


This article was published by South China Morning Post on 10 January 2021.



Khoo Boo Teik quoted by Aliran: “The making of Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘humane economy’”


This article was published by Aliran on 10 January 2021 and referred to Trends In Southeast Asia 2020/17 Malay Politics: Parlous Condition, Continuing Problems.



Moe Thuzar quoted by Bangkok Post: “China seeks to shore up its influence in Myanmar”


This article was published by Bangkok Post on 9 January 2021.