Information Technology (IT)

ISEAS IT serves the Institute through providing effective and timely IT services and support.  In this main role, the team provides helpdesk and technical support to all staff and researchers on desktop computers, devices, software, email, websites, and network/wireless connectivity.

On a daily basis, the team maintains the network infrastructure, wide area connections, as well as backend infrastructure (which includes various servers, systems, and server-side applications).  Being the web manager, IT administers all ISEAS websites, and assists in the posting of new messages/feeds to social media and video channels.

In other functions, the IT department develops and maintains IT policies (in compliance with IM8), educate end-users in IT security and desktop applications, as well as assist to administer the door access system and readers.  Managing the IT recurrent funds for the entire organisation, IT will also assist in the procurement of IT-related equipment and systems to support the operations and production work of other departments.

As always, the team is constantly on the lookout for any existing or emerging technologies to further improve IT services and support, or to enhance user experiences and productivity.  The team has also strived to improve IT security awareness of staff through better communication and information dissemination.