Ulu Pandan

During World War II, one of the largest coastal artillery emplacements in the British Empire was located in Singapore. A pair of 15-inch battleship guns were emplaced in the Buona Vista-Ulu Pandan region. After the war the guns and the magazine complex were dismantled and forgotten. In April 2011, a remote sensing survey was conducted to identify remains of the gun emplacement in the Ulu Pandan area.

A ground penetrating radar and magnetometer were employed to detect buried features and other sub-surface anomalies. The team also experimented with balloon aerial photography. The archaeology team was assisted by remote sensing specialist, Dr. Benjamin Vining, a Postdoctoral Associate from the Department of Archaeology, Boston University. Presently the team is still investigating potential sites where remains of the Buona Vista Gun Battery may be located.


The team at Ulu Pandan conducting a ground penetrating radar survey at Ulu Pandan.
(Credit: Lim Chen Sian)