Event Highlights

Webinar on “Indonesia’s New Coal and Mining Law: Its Consequences for the Environment”


In this seminar, Dr Hendro Sangkoyo talks about the politics behind the passing of Indonesia’s new coal and mineral mining law as well as the long history of natural resource extraction in Indonesia. Mr Made Supriatma discusses the controversies surrounding the new law and relates them to domestic political dynamics.



Webinar on “U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy: Similarities and Differences between Trump and Biden”


In this webinar, Dr John Lee offers some insight into what will remain the same and what will be different when it comes to the Free and Open Indo-Pacific a Biden presidency might employ for the Indo-Pacific region – when it comes to strategy, practice, mindset and expectations of partners in Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “Malaysian Business Associations in a Changing Landscape: Recent Issues and Future Challenges”


In this webinar, Dr Michael Schaper explores how the chambers of commerce, trade associations and professional bodies are adapting to challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia, and what is the likely future for such organisations.



Webinar on “One Year after Taking Office, Can Prayut Chan-ocha’s Administration Survive?”


In this webinar, Dr Punchada Sirivunnabood addressed a set of scenarios for the near-term future of Thai politics, touching on challenges to the stability of the government, and especially the role of the young generation in politics; on the role of the opposition parties; on the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic; and on conflicts within the Phalang Pracharat Party.



Webinar on “Uncertainty Tests APEC’s Resilience amid COVID-19, and Pivoting to a Circular Economy”


In this webinar, Dr Denis Hew and Ms Satvinderjit Kaur Singh discussed findings from the latest APEC Regional Trends Analysis (ARTA)—the flagship publication of the APEC Policy Support Unit (PSU), and also discussed the ARTA theme chapter on the Circular Economy.



Webinar on “What’s in Store for Malaysia’s House? Anticipating Parliament’s July Sitting”


In this webinar, Mr Wan Ahmad Fayhsal and Dr Ong Kian Ming discussed the priorities for Perikatan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan as the Malaysian parliament reconvenes on 13th July 2020.



Webinar on “From Covid-19 to Belt and Road Initiative: What to Watch in Myanmar’s Energy Sector in 2020?”


In this webinar, Dr Kaho Yu shared on Covid-19 and its impact on Myanmar’s energy sector, the prospect for Myanmar in the Belt and Road Initiative, and the risks and opportunities amid the 70th anniversary of Myanmar-China diplomatic relations.



Webinar on “Vietnam’s Economy Post COVID: Poised for Growth?”


In this webinar, Dr Vo Tri Thanh assesses the Vietnam’s efforts in restoring the country’s economic growth momentum as it grapples with the task of restructuring and upgrading its economy.



Webinar on “Digital Trade Facilitation in ASEAN”


In this webinar, Dr Yann Duval discussed the state of digital trade facilitation in ASEAN and what may be done to accelerate progress and make supply chains more efficient, transparent and sustainable. He draws from the Digital and Sustainable Regional Integration Index to explore how well ASEAN economies have integrated into the regional digital economy.