Event Highlights

Seminar on “Education Reform in Malaysia: Unfinished Business amidst Political Flux”


In this hybrid seminar, Dr Maszlee Malik spoke on Malaysia’s recent experience with education reforms, the impact of COVID-19 on the education system and the Perikatan Nasional administration’s response, and key inflection points in the country’s political trajectory going forward.



Seminar on “The New Economic Policy beyond 50: Retire or Refresh?”


In this seminar, Dr Lee Hwok-Aun shared his study of Malaysia’s New Economic Policy and argued that Malaysia can start afresh by building on the NEP’s two prongs with key resets and updates based on enduring principles and systematic policy design.



Webinar on “How to Converse with Phuyai: Social Media Politics and the Ongoing Youth Uprising in Thailand”


In this webinar, Dr Moodjalin Sudcharoen shared on her research into the internet memes, YouTube videos, and other social media parodies and satires used by young Thai protesters to disseminate and amplify progressive ideas.



Webinar on “A Double Whammy: Structural Challenges and Scarring Effects of the Pandemic on Indonesia’s Labour Market”


In this webinar, Professor Devanto Shasta Pratomo, Mr Adhi Saputro and Dr Raden Muhamad Purnagunawan shared their observations on Indonesia’s labour market through the pandemic and how it had led to potential long-term scarring effects on both the demand and supply sides of the market.



Webinar on “The Gold Ornaments of Temasek”


While the gold ornaments found in 1928 on Fort Canning Hill have often popped up in discussions on fourteenth-century Temasek and can be found prominently on display in the National Museum of Singapore, these have yet to be examined seriously to date. In this talk, Visiting Fellow Dr Natalie Ong takes an in-depth look at the gold artefacts, sharing with the audience a detailed study of its composition, artistry, and significance. In the process, her analysis challenges long-held assumptions about these ornaments.



ISEAS-RIETI Joint Webinar on “ASEAN Perspectives on Current Geopolitics and Japan”


The ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) jointly conducted the webinar “ASEAN Perspectives on Current Geopolitics and Japan” on 30 May 2022, in conjunction with the ASEAN-Japan Business Week 2022.



Webinar on “The New ‘New Society’? Analysing the 2022 Philippine Elections”


In this webinar, Dr Ronald Holmes, Dr Maria Ela Atienza, and Dr Imelda Deinla unpacked the recently concluded May 2022 Philippine elections. Using survey data and qualitative observations, the panel identified significant trends and developments in Philippine electoral politics, campaign strategies, and the future of the country’s democracy.



Webinar on “The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Food Security in Southeast Asia”


In this webinar, Professor Paul Teng from the Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies, Nanyang Technological University and Ms Genevieve Donnellon-May from the University of Oxford provide an overview of how the Russia-Ukraine conflict exacerbates existing food insecurity in the Southeast Asian region, and discuss how countries can respond.



Webinar on “Fintech Adoption in Indonesia: Patterns, Constraints and Enablers”


In this webinar, Dr Siwage Dharma Negara, Dr Astrid Meilasari-Sugiana and Mr Manggi Taruna Habir discussed the result findings of an online survey conducted in Indonesia on Fintech adoption during the pandemic.  



Webinar on “Can Carbon Markets Work in Southeast Asia?”


In this webinar, Mr Daniel Nachtigall from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Mr Stefano De Clara from the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) provide a global and regional overview of the progress in the use of carbon pricing instruments and emissions trading systems (ETS) in the past two decades.