Event Highlights

Seminar on “Portuguese Influence in Southeast Asia: The Past and the Future by João Cravinho”


In this hybrid seminar, Portugal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, presented on the diplomatic relationship between Portugal and Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “Vietnam’s Economy in 2023: Navigating Domestic Challenges and Global Headwinds”


In this webinar, Dr Tuan Ho analyzed Vietnam’s economic challenges and opportunities in 2023 and what investors should watch out for. He also discussed the measures that the Vietnamese government should take to deal with the global headwinds and domestic challenges in the year ahead.



Webinar on “Challenges Facing Agricultural Trade Between The Mekong Countries And China: Value Chain Analyses Focusing On Non-tariff Measures”


In this webinar, Dr Jayant Menon, Dr Pham Minh Thai and Dr Punpreecha Bhuthong shared their research findings on the agriculture value chain in Mekong countries, and how China has affected them.



Seminar on “Monarchy, Nation-Building and Struggle in Thailand: Past, Present and Future?”


In this hybrid seminar, Speaker Dr Charnvit Kasetsiri (historian and former rector of Thammasat University in Bangkok) shared his recently published book “Thailand: A Struggle for the Nation” and presented on the history and challenges of nation-building in Thailand. He was joined by Discussants Dr Allen Hicken and Dr Matthew Reeder.



Webinar on “Thailand’s Trade Competition Commission in Action”


Mr Krisda Piampongsant, former Vice Chairman, Trade Competition Commission of Thailand, discussed the history of competition policy in Thailand, the work of its restructured Trade Competition Commission, the challenges that the Commission faces in its work and the sectors that it watches most closely for signs of unfair trade practices.



Webinar on “Myanmar Twenty-Two Months After The Coup”


In this webinar, four experts offered their thoughts on the challenges of Myanmar’s multidimensional crisis, and prevailing sentiments towards those challenges. One of the four experts, serving as discussant, also contributed her assessment of the rapidly changing political landscape within Myanmar, access to humanitarian aid and responses from the regional partners to the Myanmar crisis.



Webinar on “Malaysia’s 15th General Election – Results and Analysis”


In this webinar, the presenters shared their research findings on the recent Malaysia’s recent 15th General Election. Dr Cassey Lee, Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, moderated the webinar.



Seminar on “Democracy Delayed? Interim Regional Leaders and Indonesia’s 2024 Elections”


In this seminar, Dr Ian Douglas Wilson discussed the current phenomenon of interim regional leaders in Indonesia, where simultaneous local elections will be held nationwide in November 2024, but many of the regional leaders will end their terms as early as mid-2022 and be replaced by interim appointees.



Webinar on “The United States and the Myanmar Crisis: Perceptions, Expectations, Options”


In this webinar, Ms Erin Murphy, Ambassador Scot Marciel and Dr Kyaw Moe Tun discussed US policy past and present on Myanmar, commenting on policy stances adopted towards different political stakeholders in the country. The discussions also shared their views and perspectives on the factors impinging on an effective US policy, available options to assist the Myanmar people, and expectations of the Myanmar stakeholders and communities.