Event Highlights

Webinar on “Confronting Online Manipulation and Disinformation”


This webinar discussed the role of social media and actors involved in recent examples of online manipulation and disinformation, and examined the various civilian counter-efforts in Indonesia.



Webinar on “US Indo-Pacific Command Priorities”


In this webinar, Dr John Wood shared on the priorities of the US Indo-Pacific Command and answered some burning questions pertaining to security in the region.



Webinar on “Embracing Industry 4.0: Policy and Progress in Malaysia”


In this webinar, Dr VGR Chandran Govindaraju examines the Malaysian government’s efforts towards embracing Industry 4.0.



Webinar on “Contested Hegemonies and Changing Struggles in Cyberspace”


This webinar examined how state and civil society interactions in cyberspace affect ongoing democracy and anti-corruption struggles in Southeast Asia.



Book E-Launch for ‘‘ASEAN-EU Partnership: The Untold Story’’


The ASEAN Studies Centre hosted the official launch of ASEAN-EU Partnership: The Untold Story, edited by Professor Tommy Koh and Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, followed by an engaging panel discussion on “The Future of ASEAN-EU Relations”.



Webinar on “Indonesia’s New Capital: Towards a Climate-Resilient City”


In this webinar, Ms Tri Dewi Virgiyanti and Dr Hendricus Andy Simarmata shed light on the planning process of moving Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to Kalimantan Timur (East Kalimantan). They discussed how the Indonesian government envisioned making a sustainable and more adaptable new capital.



Webinar on “Thailand’s Defence Diplomacy with China”


In this webinar, Dr Paul Chambers examined Thailand’s defence diplomacy with China in terms of weapons sourcing, joint military exercises and military officer education.



Webinar on “Myanmar’s Mobile Finance Revolution? Disruption and Promise”


In the second webinar of the webinar series on Financial Transformation, Credit Markets and Household Debt in Southeast Asia Dr Sean Turnell explores the beginnings of mobile financial services in Myanmar, their dramatic expansion since the country’s (albeit, incomplete) political transformation, the state of play of the sector, and the issues and obstacles it faces.



Webinar on “Cyber-controls and Censorship: The End of Democratic Space Online?”


This fourth session of the webinar series on Digital Technologies and Democracy in Southeast Asia discussed the various manifestations of cyber-controls and online censorship in Southeast Asia, and examined their effects on online political debates as well as the responses of netizens.



Webinar on “Media and the 2020 Elections in Myanmar”


This webinar presented insider views on how mainstream and new media in Myanmar report on issues that are deemed important in the country’s transition. Panellists at this webinar addressed the question of whether or how media reporting in an election year informs and influences voters’ views and attitudes, especially those of young (and first-time) voters.