Event Highlights

Seminar on “The UK’s Indo-Pacific ‘Tilt’: Progress, Challenges and Prospects”


In this hybrid seminar, Sir Mark Sedwill discussed Britain’s plans to play a more active role in the Indo-Pacific region following the 2016 Brexit referendum.



Webinar “From the Periphery to the Centre: Reassessing the Buddhist and Hindu Art and Architecture of Medieval Maritime Asia”


In this webinar, Iain Sinclair, Hudaya Kandahjaya, and Swati Chemburkar, presented new research that aims to recalibrate the importance of innovations in art and architecture, highlighting the cultural creativity of the monsoon-influenced Southern rim of the Asian landmass.



ISEAS Webinar on “Southeast Asia Climate Outlook 2022 Survey Report Launch”


The much-awaited Southeast Asia Climate Outlook 2022 Survey Report garnered nearly 1,400 respondents from across various cities, professions, and walks of life in Southeast Asia. The survey asked around 38 questions on the topics of climate change issues, policies, energy transition and food security, and international climate cooperation – ultimately in the hope of providing a perspective into the sentiments of ASEAN citizens on climate change. In this launch webinar, the survey results were shared by Climate Change in Southeast Asia Programme (CCSEAP) Coordinator Ms. Sharon Seah, and a discussion was set in motion by experts Dr. Helena Varkkey from the University of Malaya, Dr. Indra Overland from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and Ms. Johanna Son from Reporting ASEAN.



In Conversation with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Myanmar Noeleen Heyzer


Since assuming her current duties, Dr Noeleen Heyzer has engaged stakeholders in Myanmar to understand the challenges and aspirations for a home-grown solution to the country’s crisis and for a just, inclusive and peaceful future. Though the UN General Assembly initially established the Special Envoy’s mandate to address the Rohingya crisis, the challenges facing the Myanmar people have grown in both scope and urgency. Dr Heyzer is now working to facilitate greater political support, internationally and regionally, to address the multiple needs and vulnerabilities in Myanmar that have worsened since the coup in 2021.



Conference on “Millennial Disruptions: Understanding the role of Indonesian Millennials in shaping a rapidly changing world”


This webinar conference serves as a platform for interactive and intellectually stimulating dialogue and debate on the multi-faceted challenges impacting the millennial generation, as well as their potential to powerfully influence the future trajectory of Indonesia’s overall social, cultural, economic, and political development.



Webinar on “The Role of Thai Village Health Volunteers in Controlling COVID-19”


Drawing on preliminary research in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, Dr Anjalee Cohen examined some of the reasons for this success and the vital role that primary health care continues to play in controlling COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in Thailand.



Seminar On “What Can Indonesia’s G20 Presidency and ASEAN Chairmanship Deliver on Global Food Security?”


In this hybrid seminar, regional and global experts discuss how Indonesia’s G20 Presidency and ASEAN Chairmanship can deliver on global food security.

This hybrid seminar is the third in a series on regional and global economic issues organised by the Australian National University’s East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER) and the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute. The seminar is also supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore.



Seminar on “Understanding The Impact Of The Youth Vote”


In this seminar, Mr James Chai looked into Malaysia’s most recent bill, Undi 18, that lowered the voting and candidacy age from 21 to 18 and allowed for automatic voter registration.



Webinar on “Toward a Robust ‘Digital Vietnam’: Strategies, Achievements and Prospects”


In this webinar, Mr Nguyen Hoa Cuong reviewed the achievements and challenges in Vietnam’s digitalization drive. He also discussed the opportunities and prospects of the country’s digital transformation in the coming years.