Event Highlights

ISEAS Webinar on “Climate Action in the United States and Implications for Southeast Asia”


In this webinar, Professor Paul G. Harris from the Education University of Hong Kong discusses developments and potential future steps in the United States’ domestic and foreign climate policy with the Biden Administration’s commitment to all-of-government climate action, as well as their implications for ASEAN countries in terms of trade and assistance.



Webinar on “Malay Leadership in Pakatan Harapan”


In this webinar, YB Zairil Khir Johari reflects on the challenges facing Pakatan Harapan’s Malay leadership, and explore whether there are any alternative leaders, should the current crop of Malay leaders remain unable to convince voters.



Webinar on “A Tale of Two Cities: Banzu and Temasek”


In this webinar, Dr Tai Yew Seng examined the historical roots of Banzu and Temasek cities mentioned in the records of Wang Dayuan, the first ancient Chinese trader who wrote about Southeast Asia in his travels. By cross-examining with other archaeological and historical records, Dr Tai identified Banzu as located in the present-day Rochor area, and Temasek at city area between Singapore River and Stamford Road. Dr Tai also offered new insight into the historical significance of Rochor underexplored in contemporary accounts.



Webinar on “Revisiting the Belt and Road Initiative: Progress, Challenges and Prospects”


In this webinar, Dr Yu Hong sheds light on the issues and problems associated with BRI implementation, and its prospects going forward.



Webinar on “Filling the voids left by the Formal Sector: Informal Borrowings by Poor Households in Northern Mountainous Vietnam”


In the thirteenth webinar of the webinar series on Financial Transformation, Dr Pham Bao Duong shared his study of 400 poor households in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam, in order to examine the current accessibility, loan purposes, the different types of and effects of informal credits on poor households.



Webinar on “Ongoing Challenges of COVID-19 for ASEAN: Quantitative Analyses and Policy Responses”


In this webinar, Dr Kensuke Tanaka presented key findings of the 2021 edition of the OECD Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia, China and India and discuss the importance of reallocating resources to digitalisation in response to the Covid-19 pandemic



Webinar on “SDGs and Business Contribution in Southeast Asia”


In this ISEAS-RIETI joint webinar, the speakers looked into the progress achieved in meeting some of the key elements of SDGs in Southeast Asia and reflected on the importance of aligning post-pandemic economic and social recovery with the SDGs.



Webinar on “Lessons from Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic: Singapore and Taiwan”


In this webinar, Dr Benjamin Ong and Dr Deborah Elms shared about the respective experience in managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore and Taiwan.



Webinar on “Assessing Broad Structural Shifts in Malaysia’s Political Landscape”


In this webinar, YB Chang Lih Kang discussed structural shifts in Malaysia’s political landscape in recent years.