Event Highlights

Webinar on “Indonesia’s Political Outlook 2021: Stability and Vaccination to Support Economic Recovery”


In this webinar, Dr Djayadi Hanan elaborated on the political and economic outlook of Indonesia for 2021. Using a series of data obtained from public opinion surveys conducted by several Indonesian research agencies, Dr Djayadi Hanan attempted to explain the trends observed and identified possible predictions of Indonesia’s key pressing economic issues as well as political layout for 2021.



Webinar on “Savings and Credit in Rural Lao PDR: With a Focus on the Village-level Savings Groups”


In the fifth instalment in the Webinar Series on “Financial Transformation, Credit Markets and Household Debt in Southeast Asia“, Prof Koichi Fujita, Prof Akihiko Ohno, Dr Chansathith Chaleunsinh and Prof Hans Dieter Seibel shared on the status of savings and credit in rural Lao.



Webinar on The Making of Anwar Ibrahim’s “Humane Economy”


In this webinar, Prof Khoo Boo Teik shares how Anwar’s vision of a ‘humane economy’ holds personal, ideological and political significance at a specific political juncture in Malaysian history.



Webinar on “The Invention of China’s South China Sea Claims and Implications for Southeast Asia”


In this webinar, Dr Bill Hayton explains how a failed Chinese official who became a self-taught geography professor and two of his students who became government advisors invented the line in the 1930s and 1940s.



Webinar on “Indonesia’s Decentralisation Reforms 20 Years On: Part 3”


Taking the upcoming 20 year anniversary of Indonesia’s reform process as a reference point, this project seeks to explore the effect of the country’s decentralisation reforms over the past two decades. This webinar is the last of a series of three and focuses on inequality, poverty and education sector performance at the subnational level.



Webinar on “After the Vote, What’s Next?”


In this webinar, four speakers with research expertise in these different aspects of Myanmar’s transition will share their thoughts on what comes next after the vote, for the country and the diverse communities within it.