Event Highlights

Webinar on “Social Media, Polarisation, and Democracy in Southeast Asia”


This final session of the online workshop on ‘Social Media and Polarization in Southeast Asia’ discussed the new opportunities and risks arising from the rising regulation of online political speech in Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “Social Media and Extremist Networks in Southeast Asia”


This webinar discussed the rapidly evolving extremist messaging on mainstream social media platforms in Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “Social Media, Activism, and Civil Society in Southeast Asia”


This webinar discussed the impacts of digital technologies and social media on traditional structures of power. Specific issues explored included the impact of digital media on migrant workers’ narratives in Singapore, how social media has affected grassroots labour movements in Myanmar, the use of social media by anarchist subcultures in Indonesia, and the question of academic freedom in Malaysia.



Webinar on “Geopolitical Rivalry and Social Media Polarization in Southeast Asia”


This webinar examined how heightened geopolitical rivalry in Southeast Asia is playing out on social media platforms and being shaped by technology and cyber policy.



Webinar on “The Islamic Defenders Front and Political Polarization in Indonesia”


In this webinar, Dr Quinton Temby discussed the role of social media in heightening online polarization between government and opposition activists following the return of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab to Indonesia, and the prospects for Islamic populism in Indonesia.



Webinar on “Thailand’s Economy and Foreign Policy: Navigating the Oncoming Political Turbulence”


In this webinar, Ambassador Sihasak Phuangketkeow addresses the student protests in Bangkok and assess the prospects for the Thai economy and for Thai diplomacy in the medium-term future.



Webinar on “Does a New Informal Credit Arrangement Improve Poor’s Welfare? The Case of Debit Card Pawning in the Philippines”


In this webinar from the webinar series Financial Transformation, Credit Markets and Household Debt in Southeast Asia, Dr Kei Kajisa, Dr Ed Lucio, and Discussant Dr Nina Anchugina examined the new credit arrangement in the Philippines’ informal finance sector: an emerging credit arrangement called “ATM sangla”.



Webinar on “Where is the Future? Geographies of Malaysia’s Vision 2020”


In this webinar, Prof Tim Bunnell reviews Malaysia’s Vision 2020 and delves into the geographies of Vision 2020 as a political mode of future-making.



Webinar on “Trade Implication of RCEP for ASEAN and India”


In this webinar, Ms Sulaimah Mahmood and Dr Pralok Gupta discussed the implications of the recently concluded Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) for ASEAN as well as Indian perspectives on the trade deal.



Webinar on “Southeast Asia Climate Outlook Survey 2020: Results and Analysis”


In this webinar, the Climate Change in Southeast Asia Programme, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, launches the report for its first ever Southeast Asia Climate Outlook Survey, through a presentation of its findings and a discussion panel. The Survey is the first to take a Southeast-Asia focused approach to climate change perceptions.