Event Highlights

Webinar on “How to Understand China: Civilization or Socialism?”


In this webinar, Professor William A. Callahan examines how Socialism guides policy-making in China, and considers how it impacts China’s view of Southeast Asia,



Webinar on “Prospects of Vietnam’s Strategic Engagement with the Quad”


In the last of a four-part series on the implications of Vietnam’s recently concluded 13th Party Congress, Mr Derek Grossman examined the status of strategic engagements between the Quad members – the United States, Japan, Australia, and India – and Vietnam, and their prospects in the next five years.



Webinar on “China’s Vision of a Digital Order”


In this webinar, Professor Gerald Chan spoke on China’s vision of a digital order, how do countries respond to this China challenge and how to live with an increasingly confident and assertive China in a digital world.



Webinar on “The Work Creation (Omnibus) Law in Indonesia: What Does its Journey Tell Us About Indonesian Politics”


In this webinar, Dr Max Lane discussed the main contents and ideological thrust of the 2020 Work Creation Law (UU Cipta Kerja) and analysed the opposition campaigns undertaken against the Bill that were spearheaded by Indonesian trade unions and environmental and other civil society groups.



Webinar on “Fairer and Firmer? Justice and Constitution in Malaysia Today”


In this webinar, Dr Dian Shah and Mr Lim Wei Jiet discuss how has justice and human rights progressed under Pakatan and Perikatan, and how significant were Pakatan’s reforms to the justice system in Malaysia.



Webinar on “Indonesia’s Hashtag Wars: How Online Narrative Battles Shape Political Controversy”


In this webinar, Dr Yatun Sastramidjaja and Mr Pradipa P. Rasidi discuss the political dynamics and effects of the “hashtag wars” waged during the Indonesian Omnibus Law political controversy.



Webinar on “Southeast Asian Countries’ Updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs): Spotlight on Thailand”


In this webinar, Ms Chanutsakul Supirak from the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP), Thailand, discusses the planning process for Thailand’s 2020 NDC update, as well as the challenges in the implementation of its NDC in the coming years. This webinar is the final instalment of a webinar series on “Southeast Asian Countries’ Updated Nationally Determined Contributions”.



Webinar on “Reformasi and Harapan after 2020: End of an era or Remake of a Movement?”


In this webinar, Mr Fahmi Fadzil engages in a conversation to discuss the reformasi movement in Malaysia, the future of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) party and the Pakatan Harapan coalition in Malaysia’s new political landscape.



Webinar on “Vietnam’s 13th Party Congress: Vietnam Amid the US-China Rivalry”


In the third of a four-part series on Vietnam’s recently concluded 13th Party Congress, Amb Pham Quang Vinh assessed the foreign policy implications of the congress’s political report and explained how Hanoi will conduct its relations with the world’s foremost superpowers. Amb Vinh also highlighted the opportunities and challenges in Vietnam-US and Vietnam-China relations.