Event Highlights

Webinar on “Understanding Thailand’s Constitutional Reform: Process, Politics, and Implications”


In this webinar, Dr Siripan Nogsuan Sawasdee (Professor in the Department of Government at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University) and Mr Parit Itim Wacharasindhu (Member of Parliament and Spokesperson of the Move Forward Party) discussed Thailand’s constitutional reform efforts.


Webinar on “Making the ASEAN Digital Economy Framework Agreement (DEFA) a Reality”


In this webinar, Ms Alpana Roy, Dr Maria Monica Wihardja, and Mr Hadri Sopri discussed the potential of the ASEAN Digital Economy Framework Agreement and the possible challenges in the negotiations phase that need to be addressed to ensure its entry into force.


Webinar on “Myanmar in 2024: Expectations and Realities”


In this webinar, two long-time experts on Myanmar shared their thoughts on the current situation and possible trajectories of the country’s ongoing crisis, now entering the fourth year of military rule after the 2021 coup.


Seminar on “Understanding Indonesia’s 2024 Presidential Election: Watershed Moment or Anti-Climax?”


In this hybrid seminar, Dr Maxwell Lane discussed how personal rivalry politics had facilitated dynasty building, leading to national politics becoming a theatre of rhetorical polarization among the political elites. Dr A’an Suryana, on the other hand, discussed the role of Islamists in the 2024 presidential elections, demonstrating how it had weakened over the years due to state repression and shifts in the political alliances among the elites.


Webinar on “PKR: How Anwar’s Party Works”


In this webinar, Mr James Chai shared his findings on the structure of Malaysia’s People’s Justice Party (PKR) and its differentiating characteristics compared to other parties.


Hybrid Seminar on “Chinese Tech in Southeast Asia in the face of US-China Rivalry”


In this hybrid seminar, Mr John Lee and Ms Asha Hemrajani provided a deep dive into the competition between US-China in the technology sector.


Webinar on “Demographic Transitions in Southeast Asia: Reframing How We Think and Act about Ageing”


In this webinar, Professor Thanh-Long Giang and Dr Reuben Ng emphasised the importance of reframing perceptions on ageing as a key step in adapting to the demographic changes in Southeast Asia.


Webinar on “Vietnam’s 2024 Economic Outlook”


In this webinar, Dr Luc Can and Dr Tuan Ho discussed Vietnam’s economic performance in 2023 and its outlook for 2024. They also shared insights on opportunities and potential challenges that investors should be aware of.