Event Highlights

Webinar on “Digital Finance and Regulatory Landscape: Malaysian Experience”


In this webinar Prof Nafis Alam shares on the development of Digital finance, FinTech regulation in Malaysia and how it might be relevant within Southeast Asia, including the need for an effective, new or expanded regulatory perimeter to cover the scope of digital finance and FinTech providers.



Roundtable Discussion on “ASEAN’s Mission in Myanmar: What Next?”


The ASEAN Studies Centre organized this online roundtable to discuss how ASEAN can operationalise the ‘‘Five-Point Consensus’’ from the 24 April 2021 ASEAN Leaders Meeting in response to the political and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.



Webinar on “Plundering Security: The Evolution of Khaki Capital in Thailand Today”


In this webinar, Dr Paul Chambers scrutinizes the evolution of khaki capital over time in Thailand. How has Thai khaki capital progressed, where does it stand today, and what is its likely future?



Webinar on “Coercion and Resistance: How Australia Awoke from its China Dream”


In this webinar, Professor Rory Medcalf talked about the deterioration in Australia-China relations.



Webinar on “Indonesia’s Economy 2021: Recovery or Stagnation?”


In this webinar, Dr Muhamad Chatib Basri shared his observations on the current economic trends in Indonesia and provided insights on Indonesia’s economic recovery from the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.  



Webinar on “Malaysia’s Post-2018 Parliament: from “rubber stamp” to “frog exchange”


In this webinar, Professor Wong Chin Huat discussed Malaysia’s parliamentary structure, which in recent times have seen MPs change their party affiliation in order to climb the hierarchy.



Webinar on “Investment Facilitation: Advancing Investments in ASEAN”


In this webinar, Mr Marc Proksch and Mr Tan Tai Hiong discussed the importance and development of investment facilitation at the multilateral and regional levels and how enhancements in investment facilitation and investment promotion activities can attract new investments, improve investment retention and promote re-investments from investors interested in ASEAN.



Webinar on “Autonomy and Agency in Southeast Asia: Rethinking “Don’t Make Us Choose” and Resolving the Deer-Dragon Dilemma”


In this webinar, Dr Donald Emmerson, editor of The Deer and the Dragon: Southeast Asia and China in the 21st Century, discussed the “Don’t Make Us Choose”, a popular Southeast Asian plea to the United States and China in light of their rivalry in the region.



Webinar on “The Impacts of Financial Inclusion: From a global review of reviews, what can we know about Southeast Asia?”


In this webinar, Dr Philip Mader presents his findings in a first-of-its-kind study in international development, a systematic Review of Reviews of the impacts of financial inclusion in low- and middle-income countries.