ISEAS Corporate Membership Scheme

The ISEAS Corporate Membership Scheme is a platform for business corporations and investment entities to tap into ISEAS’s knowledge and research resources to better understand the geopolitical environment they are operating in. The scheme aims to provide access to sharp and timely analyses of regional developments and privileged opportunities to network with key political and academic personalities for insight into their thoughts and ideas. Through the scheme, members will have access to ISEAS researchers (honorariums may apply) for exclusive briefings and updates on unfolding events for their boards and clients.  

Privileges of ISEAS Corporate Membership Scheme will include the following annually:

Exclusive Events TWO invitations per member to closed-door/non-public events such as Indonesia and Malaysia Updates; Singapore Lectures; S Rajaratnam Endowment Dialogues.
Privileged NetworkingTWO invitations per member to fireside chats/briefings with VIP visitors from the region.  
Exclusive BriefingsInvitation to exclusive geopolitical-centric webinars/seminars (up to FIVE executives per member) held three times per year.
Complimentary Passes to Signature EventsTWO complimentary passes per member to chargeable events such as the Regional Outlook Forum and ASEAN Roundtable; and priority invitations to free signature events such ASEAN Lecture.
Complimentary BooksUp to FIVE titles published by ISEAS Publishing Division per year per member.
Library AccessInstitutional membership with access to reference collection, electronic resources (on-site access); and loan of library material.
Daily AnalysisEmail alerts on publication of Fulcrum and Perspective pieces sent to Corporate Members mailing list.

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For more information, please contact Ms Alice Wu, Assistant Director, Development Office: