Southeast Asian Heritage Programme

Michael Ng (left) teaching participants to produce scale maps and plans of the site. (Credit: Aaron Kao)

Southeast Asian Heritage Programme (SEAHP) will take the form of an annual archaeology and art history field school in a Southeast Asian country.

The objective of the Field School is to create local awareness among young Singaporeans of Southeast Asian history and its culture. Singaporean students will travel to conduct archaeological surveys and excavations, visit historically significant sites, and attend lectures by local experts. This will give our students first-hand experience of the history and heritage of ASEAN member countries and an opportunity to develop familiarity and appreciation for the cultures of our immediate neighbours.

The SEAHP will seek to first, impart basic archaeological skills and experience to young Singaporeans; and, second, to inculcate an understanding of the histories and civilisations of our ASEAN neighbours among young Singaporeans in order to better navigate contemporary politics and regional sensitivities.

The Field School will be two to three weeks long and will host six to ten undergraduate level students. Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply.