Event Highlights

Webinar on “Building a Defense Industry in the Philippines: Challenges and Opportunities”


In this webinar, Professor Herman Joseph S. Kraft, Mr. Jesse Pascasio and Mr. Meneleo Carlos III discuss and examine the possible contributions of the private sector and commercial firms in improving Philippine national defense.


Webinar on “SME Participation in the Digital Economy: Thailand and Vietnam”


In this webinar, Juthathip Jongwanich and Nguyen Dinh Chuc shared their views on the state of SME participation in the digital economies of Thailand and Vietnam. They discussed some of the ongoing challenges facing SMEs in adopting digital technologies and offered policy recommendations for the digital transformation of SMEs in the two countries.


Webinar on “Whither Institutional Reform in Malaysia?”


In this webinar, Dr Meredith Weiss shared her views on the state of institutional reform in Malaysia under the Pakatan Harapan-led Unity Government.


Seminar on ” Identifying Priority Sectors in the Blue Economy Development in Indonesia”


In this hybrid seminar, Dr. Amalia Adininggar Widyasanti shared greater insights on Indonesia’s blue economy programme and discussed policy implementations to facilitate further growth in this new sector.


Webinar on “Different Frontiers of Social Media War in Indonesian Election 2024” 


In this webinar, Dr Ismail Fahmi shared his analyses of social media strategies employed by the three Indonesian presidential candidates in the 2024 Election. Dr Ismail presented data retrieved from two most popular social media platforms in Indonesia, namely TikTok and X.


Webinar on “Thailand’s Most Influential Mastermind, or Troubled Captive of His Own Complicated Fate”


Prof Ukrist Pathamanand (Institute of Asia Studies, Chulalongkorn University) and Dr Weera Wongsatjachok (Lecturer in Political Science and Public Administration, Naresuan University) discussed the phenomenon of influential former 2-time Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra following his return to Thailand after 17 years of self-exile.


Webinar on “Myanmar’s Relations with Russia and China: Convenience or Co-optation”


In this webinar, two long-time experts discussed Russia and China’s interactions with Myanmar since the military coup in February 2021, and also shared their thoughts on bilateral relations in the present scenario.


Webinar on “Vietnam’s Elite Politics and Implications for Leadership Transition”


In this webinar, Mr Tran Le Quynh and Dr Nguyen Khac Giang examined the recent developments in Vietnam’s elite politics and their potential implications for the nation’s political and economic trajectory, particularly in light of the recent unexpected resignation of former President Vo Van Thuong. They also explored the role of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, and the impact of factionalism and the ongoing anti-corruption campaign on the upcoming power transition at the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) in early 2026.


E-Launch and Discussion of The State of Southeast Asia 2024 Survey Report


The sixth edition of The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report was officially launched on 2 April 2024, followed by a panel discussion with Prof Danny Quah, Ms Bonnie Glaser, Prof Wu Xinbo, and Mr Shin Nakayama, on the key findings of the survey and implications for the region.


Hybrid Seminar on “Indonesia’s Role in Global Climate Action”


In this hybrid seminar, Dr Masyita Crystallin shares her insights on how Indonesia plans to balance its economic and welfare priorities while strengthening its leadership in global climate governance.