The Death of a Young, Moderate Charismatic Preacher


Syekh Ali Jaber had become a surprise force for moderate Islam in Indonesia.


The CPV’s 15th Plenum: “The Art of the Possible” in Vietnamese Politics


The Communist Party of Vietnam, which is set to make some historic appointments to its top echelons, shows that Vietnamese politicians know how to master “the art of the possible”.


Malaysia’s Declaration of Emergency Keeps PM Muhyiddin’s Window Open


Malaysia’s King has put parliamentary politics on hold to the undoubted benefit of the current prime minister.


Official Chinese Lending: Why the Easy Money is Drying Up


A new study suggests that official Chinese lending has dropped in recent years. This stems from lessons learnt after a decade of mistakes in overseas lending. Despite the decline, the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative shows no signs of slowing.


Malaysia’s New Lockdown – But Where Is the Help for the People?


It is puzzling that the Prime Minister neglects to give assurance that relief will be delivered, if necessary, during this lockdown. Perhaps his government genuinely believes that the broader scope of essential services, along with stimulus programmes introduced in Budget 2021, will translate into a minimal downturn.


The “Indo-Pacific” is Here to Stay


While the aspirational adjectives that prefix it may change, the Indo-Pacific will better reflect the strategic geography of the new era of great power contestation.


Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail: End of the Line?


A truncated high-speed rail service that ends in Johor Bahru rather than Singapore will significantly reduce the potential economic benefits of the railway project.


The Widodo Government in 2020: The Tadpole Flails


Indonesia’s 2024 presidential election is looming large on the horizon as Jokowi’s image wanes.


Could Vietnam Deploy a Social Credit System Like in China?


While Vietnam offers a favourable authoritarian environment, the inherent political risks may preclude its introduction.


Pushing Back Against China’s Digital Order


Digital rivalry in Southeast Asia goes well beyond the choice of 5G providers.