Pipped to the Post in Perak: Will Putrajaya Be Next?


The defeat of the Perikatan Nasional government in Perak is a worrying precedent for the coalition at the federal level.



What’s Wrong With Dynastic Politics?


Dynastic politics are still at work in Indonesia. While it provides an entry ticket into the political arena, it is no guarantee of success.



Why Is Sweden Quitting Cambodia?


An embassy closing, despite another one reopening, does not augur well for Cambodia.



KPK’s Arrest of Edhy Prabowo


KPK’s arrest of a prominent minister is promising for KPK but not for the accommodation between President Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto.



Southeast Asia in 2055: Greater Collective Responsibility?


Thinking 35 years ahead, Southeast Asia could see two scenarios: one where it has continued to depend on extra-regional powers but China has demonstrated greater staying power; and the other where the region takes greater responsibility for its own security.



ASEAN’s Productive Year


ASEAN has faced growing strategic rivalry in the Indo-Pacific, as well as unprecedented health and economic crises this year. While it might have struggled to retain its ability to bring the region together, Vietnam’s artful chairmanship has ensured that ASEAN has, for now, retained its ability to effectively channel regional cooperation.



Yankee Come Back – But We Will Cope, With or Without You


America is in a weaker position in Southeast Asia now than four years ago and regional states are adjusting to this reality.



Duterte the (Economic) Liberal


The fact that Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte remains popular at home befuddles some observers. One can glean some clues to this if one examines the president’s economic record.



The MUI 2020 Congress: Path Towards Moderation?


The new leadership of MUI (Ulama Council of Indonesia) likely will be less politically involved and possibly more moderate.



The Postponed By-Election in Sabah: Another Fight, By and By


The postponement of a by-election in Sabah underscores the tenuous hold on power by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s Perikatan Nasional coalition.