Malaysia’s “Stand United” Budget Heading Into Testy Debate


Malaysia’s 2021 budget strikes a conciliatory tone, but it will face some vigorous debate in parliament.


The Return of a Firebrand Cleric: Consolidation of Islamic Vigilantism?


The return of a firebrand cleric to Indonesia will have an impact on the dynamics of religiosity in the country. It will also empower and consolidate groups opposed to the government of Joko Widodo.


Voting as Civic Duty, A New Norm in Myanmar


The reasons for voting in Myanmar are helping to consolidate its new democracy.


Demography and Democratisation


Thailand’s current political demonstrations suggest that demography matters for democracy.


What if General Prayut Resigns?


Prime Minister General Prayut’s resignation would complicate, not moderate, Thailand’s current political turmoil.


Myanmar Elections: Change the Only Constant


As vote counts stream in from Sunday’s general elections, the expectation is that the majority of voters have chosen the incumbent party. This is a reflection of their desire for slow and gradual change in the country’s development.


China-US Competition: Southeast Asia Can Decide What’s Best


Southeast Asian countries prefer a healthy balance of power between major powers in the region. This is often overlooked by China and the United States, which want them to take a stand on issues of concern.


Myanmar May See More Violence After the Polls


There is a heightened risk of violence after the national polls this Sunday. This stems from two structural factors: inter-party clashes and the problems in Rakhine state.


Will China Exploit America’s Domestic Distractions for Strategic Gains in Asia?


The India-China land border, more than the South China Sea, is the regional flashpoint that could flare.


South Korea‘s Southeast Asian Potential


South Korea is well-positioned to become a more important power for Southeast Asia and ASEAN.