ISEAS Perspective 2020

ISEAS Perspective provides analysis of specific current events and their significance for the Southeast Asian region. This will be published occasionally, and is aimed at keeping decision-makers in both the public and private sectors informed; as well as scholars, laymen and the interested public. This series undergoes a peer-review process.


2020/137 “Flying the ASEAN Flag in a Pandemic Year: Vietnam’s 2020 Chairmanship” by Hoang Thi Ha


2020 No. 137



2020/136 “Shadow Capital at Myanmar’s Margins: Shwe Kokko New City and its Predecessors” by Andrew Ong


2020 No. 136



2020/135 “Movement Control and Migration in Sabah in the Time of COVID-19” by Andrew M. Carruthers


2020 No. 135



2020/134 “Microcredit in Cambodia: Why is There So Much Support for a Failed Poverty Reduction Model?” by Milford Bateman


2020 No. 134



2020/133 “Why are the Border Patrol Police in Bangkok now?” by Sinae Hyun


2020 No. 133



2020/132 “Cambodia’s Foreign Policy Post-COVID-19: Key Challenges” by Kimkong Heng


2020 No. 132



2020/131 “The Sabah State Election: A Narrow Win and Precarious Mandate for the New Government” by Anantha Raman Govindasamy


2020 No. 131



2020/130 “The Intricacies of 5G Development in Southeast Asia” by Melinda Martinus


2020 No. 130



2020/129 “The 2020 Student Uprising in Thailand: A Dynamic Network of Dissent” by Penchan Phoborisut


2020 No. 129



2020/128 “Protests Against the Omnibus Law and the Evolution of Indonesia’s Social Opposition” by Max Lane


2020 No. 128