Private Papers

As of 31 January 2021, the Library has in its custody over 30 private papers collections, including the papers of 27 prominent individuals from Singapore and Malaysia. These private collections provide historical perspectives on social, political and other aspects on Southeast Asia. Library users are welcome to refer to the papers with at least a week’s notice. Please complete and return (via email or fax) the Private Papers Usage Agreement form back to the Library prior to your visit.

In order to reduce the risk of damage to the originals, the Library is progressively digitising these collections. Where available, only the digital surrogates will be released for viewing.

Private Papers available for consultation at the Library are:

(Private Papers available for consultation are arranged alphabetically by their surname)

Baker, MauriceChan Heng Cheede Cruz, Gerald
Private Paper Index
Egawa Toshio
• Private Paper Index
Vol 1, Vol 2
Glover, IanHannah James Puller (J. P. Hannah)
Heidhues, Mary SomersHill, Ronald DavidIsmail Abdul Rahman
Private Paper Index
Josey, Alex
Private Paper Index
Kernial Singh Sandhu (K. S. Sandhu)Koh, Tommy
Lee Hau Shik (H. S. Lee)
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Legge, JohnLim Keong Lay
Lim Kim SanLim Phaik Gan (P. G. Lim)Lim Swee Aun
Private Paper Index
Loke Wan ThoMarshall, David Saul
Private Paper Index
Polunin, Ivan
Sinnathamby Rajaratnam
(S. Rajaratnam)
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Skinner, George William
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Syed Hussein Alatas
Tan Cheng Lock
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Tan Chin Tuan
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Tregonning, Kennedy Gordon Phillip
(K G Tregonning)
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Wang Gungwu
E-Catalogue (Accessible via SeaLionPLUS)
Wong Ah Fook
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Wong Pow Nee
Wong Siew Qui
(S. Q. Wong)
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Wong, Alfred