Event Highlights

Outreach Programme for University Students (OPUS) Lecture Series with Georgia Institute of Technology


As part of the annual Southeast Asia Study Abroad Program, students from Georgia Institute of Technology attended a roundtable discussion with ASEAN Studies Centre to learn more about community-building in ASEAN in the 21st Century.


Seminar on “Christianity, Conversion and Overseas Chinese: Historical Moments in Religious Interaction”


This seminar sought to explain why Christianity was relatively slow to appeal to overseas Chinese, and why it did not gain any significant following until the 20th century.


Seminar on New Forms of Political Activism and Electoral Campaigning in Indonesia


This seminar focused on political activism and how informal, non-partisan mobilization affects the party-dominated arena of electoral politics in Indonesia.


Seminar on Chinese Involvement in the Trade of Eastern Indonesia in the Early Modern Period


This seminar focused on Chinese trade aciivity in eastern Indonesiain the Early Modern Period.


Seminar on Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC): Advancing Regional Economic Integration Amidst Growth Moderation


This seminar discussed APEC along with more focused insights on the economic outlook of the Southeast Asian Region, which is expected to grow at a rate that is below world GDP growth in 2016-2017.


Seminar on “Vietnam and the Major Powers: Multilateralising International Defence and Security Cooperation'”


This seminar assessed Vietnam’s multilateralization of international defence and security cooperation with Russia, India, the United States, Japan and China over the last five years.


Seminar on Betrayal, Sacred Landscapes, and Stories of Justice Among Tamils in Malaysia


This seminar explored the different meanings of ‘law’ and ‘justice’ in theory and as understood by Malaysian Tamils, and deconstructing them, to allow a more thorough and meaningful understanding of how ideas of race and ethnicity are produced, imagine and negated within, for example, the Malaysian Constitution. Andrew Wilford concludes with a mediation upon the ethics of critique by suggesting the ethnographic betrayal is both painful and necessary.


Seminar on Has Malaysian Islam been Salafized?


This seminar revealed that the form of Islam that normatively understood and practised in Malaysia, e.g. Malaysian Islam, has undergone myriad changes as a result of gradual internalization of the Wahhabi brand of Salafism since the 1970s. 


Myanmar Forum 2016


ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute partnered with the University of Michigan’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies for the Myanmar Forum which was held on Friday, 20 May 2016.  


Seminar on U.S. Policy and Chinese Influence along ASEAN’s Northern Tier Seminar


This seminar emphasized how U.S. policies have sometimes undermined America’s appeal as a hedging partner, stunted ASEAN’s mainland states’ ability to diversify and integrate into the ASEAN-centered institutional matrix, and left them more inclined to lean on China and to bear the resultant risks.