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Web links

  • Hong Kong Maritime Museum – With its focus on the South China coast and adjacent seas and the growth of Hong Kong as a major port and shipping centre, the Museum aims to stimulate public interest in the world of ships and the sea, highlighting major developments in, and cross-fertilization through the centuries between, Chinese, Asian and Western naval architecture, maritime trade and exploration, and naval warfare.

  • Museum of Underwater Archaeology (MUA) Resource Centre – is an online research tool initiated by the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, an online museum based in the US which features exhibits, project journals, reports from the field, and guest blogs from maritime archaeologists around the globe. In addition to helping underwater archaeologists publish their work online, the MUA continues to develop tools that assist archaeologists with their research. Their first effort in this regard is the Gray Literature Bibliographic Database. 

  • National Heritage Board (NHB), Singapore – it is the custodian of Singapore’s heritage. It’s mission is “to preserve and celebrate the shared heritage of our diverse communities, for the purpose of education, nation-building and cultural understanding”. (text from the NHB website)

  • Maritime Asia – a useful online resource for those interested in shipwrecks and maritime Asia

  • Curating the Oceans: The Future of Singapore’s Past – by Rachel Leow. This article by Rachel Leow (her personal blog), published on George Mason University’s History News Network webpage, gives some background to Singapore’s acquisition of the Tang artifacts recovered from the Belitung Wreck. She also writes about her experience of viewing ‘the Tang treasure’ in person.