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  • Tribute Missions to China, 960-1126 – Compiled and researched by Robert M. Hartwell, this file contains tables on the various tribute embassies that arrived at Chinese borders between 960 and 1126. Data include frequency of contacts with various foreign states, the duration of ventures to China, the periodicity of such enterprises, and the multiple functions of “diplomatic” missions.

  • Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu (An open access resource) – This work identifies all of the references to Southeast Asia contained within the Ming Shi-Lu and provides them to readers in English-language translation. In addition to the more obvious Southeast Asian polities of maritime and mainland Southeast Asia, this database also includes references to the many Yunnan Tai polities which have subsequently been incorporated within the Chinese state. The fact that many of these references predate European sources on Southeast Asia underlines their importance to historians of the region.

  • Conference Proceedings of “Penang and the Indian Ocean: An International Conference”(held September 2011) – An institutional initiative to provide an integrated framework to harness the development potential of three core areas: academic, heritage and culture, and business towards transforming Penang into THE secondary city in the region – the choice for the location of a variety of enterprises, attractive to a wide range of groups.