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  • NSC Highlights

    NSC Highlights is a quarterly publication providing information regarding people, projects, and publications at the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre. Enquiries and correspondence about editorial matters should be directed to nsc@iseas.edu.sg.

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Mar - May 2019

  • Knowledge Transfers in 14th and 15th Century Java
  • Zheng He as the Symbol of Chinese Muslims in Indonesia
  • Sang Sapurba/Maulivarmadeva, First of the Last Indo-Malay Kings
  • The Two-World Problem: The Language of Archaeology in the Post-Colonial Landscape
  • Ancient Money in Southeast Asia - Part 2

NSC Highlights #12

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Dec 2018 – Feb 2019

  • The Different Navigation Methods in the Pacific and Indian Ocean before the Age of Discovery
  • Pots in Unexpected Places: Public Awareness of Ancient Ceramics in Lower Myanmar
  • The Changing Landscapes of the Former Linyi in Provinces of Quảng Trị and Thừa Thien - Huế
  • What Dr. John Crawfurd Saw on the “Forbidden Hill”
  • New Light on the Karimun Besar Inscription (Prasasti Pasir Panjang) and the Learned Man from Gaur

NSC Highlights #11

Download - NSC_Highlights_11.pdf

Sept – Nov 2018

  • Boat Traders and Vegetarians: Gender and Mobility in Guanyin Temple Nuns
  • The Chingays of Old Singapore
  • Toba’s Super-Eruption and the Environmental History of a Future
  • Java Sea Wreck Dating
  • Live Dig: Don’t Feed the Archaeologists! Investigations at the Singapore Art Museum

NSC Highlights #10

Download - NSC_Highlights_10.pdf

Jun - Aug 2018

  • Buddhism on the Shan Plateau: Bawrithat and Intein
  • The Indonesian Art Market: Is it out of control?
  • Only Time Will Tell: The Precarity of Yangon’s Heritage Coalition in its Vernacular City
  • The Mystery of the Pasir Panjang Pillbox

NSC Highlights #9

Download - NSC_Highlights_9.pdf

Mar - May 2018

  • Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre: Back to the Future
  • Early Christianity and Asian Interactions
  • Cultivating the Way in the Eastern Dragon Mountain
  • Pulau Ubin Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Battery: The Gun That Never Was
  • Angkor World Heritage Site Management: Lessons Learned from Inception to Present

NSC Highlights #8

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Dec 2017 - Feb 2018

  • What was Islamic about Javanese Art in the Early Islamic period (15th-17th century)?
  • On Some Early Javanese Batiks
  • Sarsikyo – Tablet-Woven Dedicatory Ribbons of Myanmar
  • An Early Buddha Image from Buluh Cina Plantation, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra
  • The Decorated Earthenware from the National Gallery Singapore Site
  • Archiving Archaeological Materials: Whose Responsibility is it?

NSC Highlights #7

Download - NSC_Highlights_7_v2.pdf

Sep - Nov 2017

  • Uncovering a Hidden Temple: Ta Mok Shwegugyi, Kyaukse
  • Legislation on Underwater Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia
  • Sema Stones and Mountain Palaces from the Dawn of Angkor
  • Book Review: Nalanda, Srivijaya and Beyond: Re-exploring Buddhist Art in Asia
  • New Visiting Researchers
  • Archaeology Programme for Students

NSC Highlights #6

Download - NSC Highlights Issue 6.pdf

Jun - Aug 2017

  • Excavations at the National Gallery Singapore
  • Ceramics, Trade & Angkor in Decline
  • LiDAR Imaging and Ancient Angkorian Capitals: new research goals for the hidden city of Koh Ker
  • The Bomoh: Now and Then
  • Lecture: Seeing Through the Forest: Lost Cities, Remote Sensing and LiDAR Applications in Archaeology

NSC Highlights #5

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Mar - May 2017
  • Sinitic Trends in Early Islamic Java
  • The Overland Trading Route between the Khmer Empire and the Champa Kingdoms
  • What’s in a Border?: The Chiang Mai World Heritage Initiative
  • Not Just ‘Pots’: Understanding Social Complexity through Ceramics in Prehistoric Mainland Southeast Asia
  • 2016 NSC Archaeological Field School
  • Workshop: Circulating the Bay of Bengal, Miraculously

NSC Highlights #4

Download - NSC Newsletter Issue 4 - draft 13 - RGB.pdf

Dec 2016 - Feb 2017
  • Distant Tales: Maritime Contacts in the Highlands of Sumatra
  • A Street-Wandering Muslim Ecstatic in Colonial Singapore
  • Dating Koh Ker: New Data from 10th century Angkorian capital
  • The Southeast Asian Art History and Conservation Summer Programme
  • Archaeology and Public Education in Singapore: Workshop with the Ministry of Education
  • Conference - Imagining Asia(s): Networks, Actors, Sites

NSC Highlights #3

Download - NSC Highlights Issue 3.pdf