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  • NSC Working Papers

    The Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre (NSC) Working Paper Series is an online publication series which provides an avenue for swift publication and wide dissemination of research conducted or presented within the Centre, and of studies engaging fields of enquiry of relevance to the Centre.

The Mysterious Ocean: Underwater Kingdoms, Sea Creatures, and Saintly Miracles in Early Modern Southeast Asia and Europe

NSC Working Paper No. 31
Download - nscwps031.pdf

The Changing Landscape of the Former Linyi in the Provinces of Quảng Trị and Thừa Thiên-Huế by Li Tana

NSC Working Paper No. 30
Download - nscwps030.pdf

Sarsikyo: Woven Buddhist Ribbons of Myanmar by Vanessa Chan

NSC Working Paper No. 29
Download - nscwps029.pdf

Chinese Buddhist Vegetarian Halls (zhaitang) in Southeast Asia: Their Origins and Historical Implications by Show Ying Ruo

NSC Working Paper No. 28
Download - NSCWPS28.pdf

Writing a History of a Saint, Writing an Islamic History of a Port City by Teren Sevea

NSC Working Paper No. 27
Download - NSCWPS27.pdf

Manuscript Production and Akṣara Mysticism in the Bhīma Svarga by Aditia Gunawan

NSC Working Paper No. 26
Download - NSCWPS26.pdf

The Mongol Navy: Kublai Khan's Invasions of Dai Viet and Champa by Vu Hong Lien

NSC Working Paper No. 25
Download - nscwps25.pdf

Musical Terms in Malay Classical Literature: The Early Period (14th-17th Century) by Arsenio Nicolas

NSC Working Paper No. 24
Download - nscwps24.pdf

The Maritime Silk Road: History of an Idea by Kwa Chong Guan

NSC Working Paper No. 23
Download - nscwps23.pdf

Hosting the Wild Buffaloes: The Keboan Ritual of the Using of East Java, Indonesia by Robert Wessing

NSC Working Paper No. 22
Download - nscwps22.pdf