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Workshop Proceedings of “The Heritage of Ancient and Urban Sites: Giving Voice to Local Priorities”

Papers from this workshop organized by the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre are case studies from six Southeast Asian countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. They range from grassroots initiatives to transregional and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, showcasing how on-site education and cooperation sustain community awareness and participation in safeguarding sites for future generations.

Individual papers can be downloaded below. However, if you wish to download the complete set in one pdf file, please click here (Note: because of file compression, photos in this combined file may have lower resolution than the individual files below). 



Building the Notion of Heritage City in Indonesia: the Role of Local Group Communities

Author: Punto Wijayanto









Heritage Preservation and Revitalization in Malang through Activities and Media

Author: Dwi Cahyono, S.E.









Area Conservation Campaign: Muara Jambi Temple

Author: Mukhtar Hadi and the Padmasana Community




Download - nscwps19_early_voyaging_south_china_sea_implications_territorial_claims.pdf







The Fundamental Framework for Activation of Community Participation in Cultural Heritage Conservation

Author: Mizuho Ikeda









Little People in Conservation: Bridging the Divide between Local and International Norms

Author: Pijika Pumketkao-Lecourt









Cross Culture and Cross Border Research And Development: From Living Angkor Road Project (LARP) to the Cultural Relationship Study of Mainland Southeast Asia Research Center (CRMA)

Authors: Surat Lertlum and Im Sokrithy










Cross Culture and Cross Border Education Program: From Living Angkor Road Project (LARP) to the Cultural Relationship Study of Mainland Southeast Asia Research Center (CRMA)

Authors: Im Sokrithy, Surat Lertlum and Khun-Neay Khuon




Download - nsc_working_paper_series_15.pdf






Cheung Ek: Safeguarding Heritage with the Local Community and Government

Author: Phon Kaseka









National and International Joint Research Projects At Koh Ker: Regulators, Non-Regulators and Local Communities

Author: Ea Darith









How to Ensure Sustainable Agricultural Development in Angkor World Heritage?

Author: Tan Boun Suy




Download - nsc_working_paper_series_12.pdf






Development-Led Archaeology in Singapore

Author: Lim Chen Sian









The Challenges of World Heritage Inscription

Author: Nigel Taylor









Between Positivist and Relativist Approach in Recent Community-Owned Architectural Conservation Projects in Singapore

Author: Yeo, Kang Shua









All-Inclusive Participation for Safe-Guarding Cultural Heritage in Myanmar

Author: Sanda Khin









The Role of The Myanmar Archaeology Association (MAA): Why The ‘Grassroots’ Level

Author: Soe Win Naing, Naing Soe and Saw Tun Lynn









Municipal Planning and Heritage: The Future of Cities in Myanmar

Author: Su Su









Safeguarding Cultural Heritage Activities in Myanmar

Author: Ohnmar Myo









Local Voices in Lenggong World Heritage Site, Malaysia

Author: Mohd Syahrin Abdullah









The Pitfalls and Prospects of Community Heritage Engagement in Malaysian Archaeology

Author: Hsiao Mei Goh









The Penang Story a Platform for Intergenerational Community Participation in Heritage

Author: Khoo Salma Nasution









Archaeology Unit: Workshop Posters

Texts by Aaron Kao, Michael Ng and Young Wei Ping