Webinar on “State Capture and Judicial Corruption in Indonesia”


In this webinar, Dr A’an Suryana explained why state capture continues to remain rampant in Indonesia. Using three case studies as exemplars of state capture in Indonesia, he highlighted key factors that could have attributed to these practices and explained why judicial corruption remains an uphill task to eradicate in Indonesia.



Webinar on “Confronting Online Manipulation and Disinformation”


This webinar discussed the role of social media and actors involved in recent examples of online manipulation and disinformation, and examined the various civilian counter-efforts in Indonesia.



Webinar on “Contested Hegemonies and Changing Struggles in Cyberspace”


This webinar examined how state and civil society interactions in cyberspace affect ongoing democracy and anti-corruption struggles in Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “Indonesia’s New Capital: Towards a Climate-Resilient City”


In this webinar, Ms Tri Dewi Virgiyanti and Dr Hendricus Andy Simarmata shed light on the planning process of moving Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to Kalimantan Timur (East Kalimantan). They discussed how the Indonesian government envisioned making a sustainable and more adaptable new capital.



Webinar on “Cyber-controls and Censorship: The End of Democratic Space Online?”


This fourth session of the webinar series on Digital Technologies and Democracy in Southeast Asia discussed the various manifestations of cyber-controls and online censorship in Southeast Asia, and examined their effects on online political debates as well as the responses of netizens.



Webinar on “Climate Change and Indonesia’s Sustainable Palm Oil Production”


In this webinar, Fitrian Ardiansyah shares the latest lessons learnt and business models that will lead to sustainable palm oil in Indonesia. He discusses new challenges and the innovation needed to ensure that sustainability really provides the positive economic, environmental and social outcomes at the local level.



Webinar on “Resistive Identity and Radical Ideology Claims in Cyberspace”


This webinar examined through various cases in which differences of race, ideology and religion may become organising principles in resistive identity and radical ideology claims in cyberspace.



Webinar on “Old Politics, New Technologies: Social Media in the Democratic Process”


This second webinar of the webinar series on Digital Technologies and Democracy in Southeast Asia discussed various ways in which digital technologies can be opportunities or weapons in institutional politics, and the transformative or detrimental effects these may have on the democratic process.



Webinar on “Understanding Jokowi’s Leadership Amidst Covid-19 Crisis”


In this webinar, Mr Ben Bland explains that the Covid-19 crisis reveals cracks and contradictions in President Jokowi’s leadership. Dr Yanuar Nugroho explains that these apparent contradictions may be due to Jokowi and Indonesian political leaders seeking political settlements instead of permanent solutions in the day-to-day operations of the government.



Webinar on “COVID-19 and Investment in Indonesia”


In this webinar, Mr Septian Hario Seto explains Indonesia’s government efforts to pushing investment amidst the Covid-19 and potential areas for future investment. Mr Richard Borsuk discusses the importance of foreign direct investment to the country’s economy and the potential challenges of the omnibus law in Indonesia.