Webinar on “Indonesia’s Narrowing Path to Prosperity”


In this webinar, Professor Gustav Papanek presented several major challenges facing the Indonesian economy, especially to promote its manufacturing sector and exports competitiveness. He proposed several critical reforms, including rupiah devaluation, minimum wage stabilisation, infrastructure development, increased government revenue, and human resource improvement.


Webinar on “Indonesia’s Battle to Overcome Its Fiscal Challenges”


In this webinar, Dr Muhamad Chatib Basri provided insights into Indonesia’s efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and how it could be further overcome through administrative tax reforms and expenditures restructuring. Mr Richard Borsuk, our discussant, also provided his viewpoints in regard to Indonesia’s economic recovery through taxation and other fiscal policies implemented.


Webinar on “Challenges for Indonesia’s Diplomacy in Israel-Palestine Conflict”


In this webinar, Dr Broto Wardoyo discussed the development of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, public perception of this issue, and overall, Indonesia’s foreign policy under President Joko Widodo. Dr Evan Laksmana raised questions on the strategic interests of Indonesia in the Palestinian conflict and the country’s position in fight against oppression and colonialism.


Webinar on “Youth Participation and A New Generation Political Party in Indonesian Politics”


In this webinar, the invited speakers shared their opinions on current youth’s participation in politics and discussed how new generation political parties could capture the attention of young new voters in the upcoming 2024 General Elections.


Webinar on “Indonesia’s Energy Transition and Climate Governance Reform”


In this webinar, Dr Masyita Cristallin discussed Indonesia’s climate governance reform in the financial sector and the prospect of achieving a net-zero emission target by 2060. Meanwhile, Dr Abidah Setyowati highlighted the need to broaden stakeholder participation in the regulatory and institutional reform for the energy transition in Indonesia.


Webinar on “Introduction to National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and the future of research and development in the country”


In this webinar, Dr Laksana Tri Handoko, Chairman of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) provided insights on BRIN’s establishment and elaborated on the possible directions in which the agency would focus on as it builds up a conducive environment for research and technological development in Indonesia.


Webinar on “Digital Disruptions: How Digital Technology is Changing Social and Cultural Life in Indonesia”


This Webinar Conference explores the impacts of digital technology and how it has transformed the social as well as cultural aspects in Indonesia. 


Digital Disruptions


How Digital Technology is Changing Social and Cultural Life in Indonesia


Webinar on “Indonesia Forum 2021 – Navigating Global Uncertainties and Building Resilience”


This two-day Forum explores how Indonesia, as a country, had changed over the last twenty years and highlights the prospects and challenges faced by the country as it progresses into the post-pandemic era.


Webinar on “Tech for Good in Indonesia: Humanitarian Chatbots for Climate Disaster Response and Recovery”


In this webinar, Ms Nashin Mahtani spoke about her work leading a multidisciplinary team in developing open-source software for democratic climate adaptation and humanitarian aid. Discussing the award-winning platform, PetaBencana.id (Disaster Map Indonesia), she highlighted the factors that enable the success of this platform and how it had helped affected regions in their responses toward natural disasters.