Articles & Commentaries

“Minding the Grassroots: Celebrating 70 Years of Sino-Indonesia Relations amid the Coronavirus Pandemic” by Ardhitya Eduard Yeremia and Klaus Heinrich Raditio



2020/137 “Flying the ASEAN Flag in a Pandemic Year: Vietnam’s 2020 Chairmanship” by Hoang Thi Ha



“Challenges in Tackling Extremism in the Indonesian Civil Service” by A’an Suryana



2020/136 “Shadow Capital at Myanmar’s Margins: Shwe Kokko New City and its Predecessors” by Andrew Ong



“Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS): Unifier of the Ummah?” by Wan Saiful Wan Jan



2020/135 “Movement Control and Migration in Sabah in the Time of COVID-19” by Andrew M. Carruthers



2020/134 “Microcredit in Cambodia: Why is There So Much Support for a Failed Poverty Reduction Model?” by Milford Bateman



2020/133 “Why are the Border Patrol Police in Bangkok now?” by Sinae Hyun



The BRI in Malaysia’s Port Sector: Drivers of Success and Failure



2020/132 “Cambodia’s Foreign Policy Post-COVID-19: Key Challenges” by Kimkong Heng