Webinar on “Malaysia’s Post-2018 Parliament: from “rubber stamp” to “frog exchange”


In this webinar, Professor Wong Chin Huat discussed Malaysia’s parliamentary structure, which in recent times have seen MPs change their party affiliation in order to climb the hierarchy.


Webinar on “COVID-19 Damage Done and Lessons Learnt: Malaysian Workers’ and Employers’ Perspective”


In this webinar, Mr Andrew Lo and Datuk Hj Shamsuddin Bardan shared their observations of the most significant impacts of COVID-19 and the most important lessons Malaysia should take heed of from the crisis.


Webinar on “Fairer and Firmer? Justice and Constitution in Malaysia Today”


In this webinar, Dr Dian Shah and Mr Lim Wei Jiet discuss how has justice and human rights progressed under Pakatan and Perikatan, and how significant were Pakatan’s reforms to the justice system in Malaysia.


Webinar on “Reformasi and Harapan after 2020: End of an era or Remake of a Movement?”


In this webinar, Mr Fahmi Fadzil engages in a conversation to discuss the reformasi movement in Malaysia, the future of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) party and the Pakatan Harapan coalition in Malaysia’s new political landscape.


Webinar on “From Pakatan Harapan to Perikatan Nasional in East Malaysia: A Missed Opportunity for Greater Autonomy?”


In this webinar, Dr Anantha Raman Govindasamy traces the major political developments that occurred in East Malaysia from 2018 to the present, beginning with the advent of the Pakatan Harapan, its substitution by the Perikatan Nasional administration in February 2020, the Sabah state elections in September 2020, and concluding with the recent declaration of Emergency.


Webinar on “Pakatan Harapan’s Hold in Selangor”


In this webinar, Ms Tricia Yeoh examines the underlying factors that account for PH’s survival in Selangor despite tremendous political change at the national level.


Webinar on The Making of Anwar Ibrahim’s “Humane Economy”


In this webinar, Prof Khoo Boo Teik shares how Anwar’s vision of a ‘humane economy’ holds personal, ideological and political significance at a specific political juncture in Malaysian history.


Webinar on “Where is the Future? Geographies of Malaysia’s Vision 2020”


In this webinar, Prof Tim Bunnell reviews Malaysia’s Vision 2020 and delves into the geographies of Vision 2020 as a political mode of future-making.


Webinar on “Federal-State Relations under the Pakatan Harapan Administration”


In this webinar, Ms Tricia Yeoh discussed federal-state relations during the Pakatan Harapan government’s administration from 2018 to 2020.


Webinar on “Malay Politics: Parlous Condition, Continuing Problems”


In this webinar, Dr Khoo Boo Teik answers two questions about the powerful ideological force that have dominated Malaysia for the past several decades. How has Malay politics turned more parlous although it dominates a system of ethnic politics, and why does Malay politics in its parlous condition remain a powerful ideological force.