Webinar on “The Profound Impact of the BERSIH Movement since 2007”


In this webinar, Prof Khoo Boo Teik talked about how Malaysia’s BERSIH Movement influenced popular dissent and gave voice to grievances beyond the core issue of electoral reform.


Webinar on “New Perspectives on the Johor State Election”


In this webinar, the March Johor elections will be analysed. Dr Serina Rahman presented her findings as a resident in Johor, as well as representatives from three parties new to contesting in Johor – Amira Aisyah (MUDA), Datin Paduka Che Asmah (Pejuang), and Dr Rajiv Bhanot (Warisan).


Webinar on “Peninsular Malaysia’s Floods of 2021 – Investigating the Causes and Possible Solutions”


In this webinar, Dr Christine Fletcher and Ili Nadiah Dzulfakar used their understanding of climate change and forests as a nature-based solution to extreme weather calamities to explain how anthropogenic damage to terrestrial habitats could be compounded by climate change.


Webinar on “A New Security Mindset for Malaysia in the 2020s”


In this webinar, Mr Liew Chin Tong examined Malaysia’s current security mindset and offered ideas on what a new framework for the sector should encompass.


Webinar on “The Aftermath of the Sarawak State Election: Outcome and Implications”


In this webinar, Dr Arnold Puyok and Professor Wong Chin Huat discussed the Sarawak election outcome by dissecting the voting patterns of each ethnic group as well as the core issues which influenced voting behaviour.


Webinar on “Political Instability and Enhanced Monarchy in Malaysia”


In this webinar, Emeritus Prof Datuk Dr Shad Saleem Faruqui talks about the role and function of the Yang di–Pertuan Agong and how, due to a trust deficit by Malaysians in most political and public institutions, there are calls for the monarchs to become constitutional auditors and to provide check and balance against discredited political institutions.


Webinar on “The Sarawak State Election: A Storm in the Making?”


In this webinar, Professor Meredith Weiss, Mr Mohd Shazani bin and Professor James Chin unpacked the electoral outlook for the ruling GPS and opposition, the key concerns of the Sarawak electorate as they head to the polls, and how unresolved grievances may influence election outcomes.


Webinar on “Recurring Themes in the Politics of Parti Keadilan Rakyat”


In this webinar, Prof Khoo Boo Teik discussed five themes of PKR’s politics, namely: its origin and evolution in crises; stress on coalition-building; commitment to multiethnic politics; ‘humane economy’ as reform agenda; and unique bond with Anwar.


Webinar on “The Melaka State Election: Unravelling Unexpected Outcomes”


In this webinar, Ms Ginie Lim and Mr Danesh Chacko looked at the key issues which affected the outcomes of the recent Melaka state election.


Webinar on “In Search of the Next Political Order for Malaysia”


In this webinar, Mr Liew Chin Tong revisited the sets of political, economic, and social ideas or ‘political orders’ that have sustained previous eras of Malaysian politics.