Webinar on “The Legal and Political Implications of Najib’s Sentence Reduction”


In this webinar, Mr Philip Koh and Dr Azmi Hassan analysed the legal and political implications of Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s sentence reduction relating to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.



Seminar on “DAP in post-2022 Malaysia: Deals, Ambitions, Provocations”


In this hybrid seminar, Mr Howard Lee shed light on the deals that DAP has engaged in, the ambitions of the party, and the future of the DAP.



Webinar on “PKR: How Anwar’s Party Works”


In this webinar, Mr James Chai shared his findings on the structure of Malaysia’s People’s Justice Party (PKR) and its differentiating characteristics compared to other parties.



Webinar on “Malaysia’s Madani – One Year On”


In this webinar, Dr Tricia Yeo and Dr Nungsari A Radhi shared their views on the Anwar Ibrahim administration’s institutional and economic performance over the past year.



Webinar on “Malaysia’s New Industrial Master Plan 2030: Overview and Assessment”


In this webinar, Dr Tham Siew Yean, Professor VGR Chandran and Mr Lee Heng Guie analysed Malaysia’s New Industrial Master Plan 2030.



Webinar on “PAS in Malaysia Today: Unpacking the Green Wave”


In this webinar, Dr Amrita Malhi (Australian National University/Flinders University) and Dr Azmil Tayeb (Universiti Sains Malaysia) shared their views on the so-called ‘Green Wave’, namely the increase in electoral support for the opposition coalition Perikatan Nasional and its lead party, the Malaysian Islamic party, Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS).



Webinar on “Money for Madani? Anwar Ibrahim’s Budget 2024?”


In this webinar, Mr Wong Chen and Mr Firdaos Rosli shared their views on Malaysia’s budget that was tabled on October 13, 2023.



Hybrid Seminar on “The Loss of the Malay Centre Ground”


In this hybrid seminar, Mr Khairy Jamaluddin discussed the results of Malaysia’s recent six state elections and what they mean for Anwar Ibrahim’s Unity Government.



Webinar on the “Malaysian State Government Elections: Grounded Perspectives”


In this webinar, Dr Azmil Tayeb, Dr Francis E. Hutchinson, Dr Lee Hwok Aun, and Mr Kevin Zhang shared on-the-ground observations of the campaigning in the six Malaysian states going for their state elections.



Webinar on “Hearts versus Minds in the Struggle for Selangor”


In this webinar, Dr Ong Kian Ming and Dr Marzuki Mohamad compared and contrasted their outlooks on the battle for Selangor in the upcoming election scheduled for August 12th.