Webinar on the “Malaysian State Government Elections: Grounded Perspectives”


In this webinar, Dr Azmil Tayeb, Dr Francis E. Hutchinson, Dr Lee Hwok Aun, and Mr Kevin Zhang shared on-the-ground observations of the campaigning in the six Malaysian states going for their state elections.



Webinar on “Hearts versus Minds in the Struggle for Selangor”


In this webinar, Dr Ong Kian Ming and Dr Marzuki Mohamad compared and contrasted their outlooks on the battle for Selangor in the upcoming election scheduled for August 12th.



Webinar on “Governing in the Shadow of UMNO’s long rule: Anwar Ibrahim’s Formula and Prospects for Reform”


In this webinar, Dr Kai Ostwald and Datuk Seri Utama Hasni Mohammad examined Anwar’s governance and reform challenges following UMNO’s decades-long hegemonic rule in Malaysia.



Seminar on “Can Anwar Ever Attract The Support Of Malay Voters? An Analysis of Malaysia’s Political Polarisation”


In this hybrid seminar, Mr Khairy Jamaluddin delivered a comprehensive analysis of the current Malaysian political landscape under Anwar’s premiership.



Conference on “Malaysia’s GE-15: Capturing Hearts, Cobbling Alliances, Crafting Power”


This 2-day hybrid conference organised by ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and supported by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung examined the impact of the fluidity of allegiances in Malaysia’s political landscape and factors affecting the votes and results of GE-15 with six presentations.



Seminar on “Malaysia’s GE-15: Micro and Macro Perspectives”


In this hybrid seminar, Dr Kai Ostwald and Dr Ong Kian-Ming unpacked key voting trends and shared insights into evolving political behaviour in Malaysia.



Webinar on “The Outlook for Malaysia’s 15th General Election”


In this webinar, two panels of experts and researchers dissected the different aspects of the Malaysian GE15 and their implications.



Webinar on “Malaysia’s 15th General Election – Results and Analysis”


In this webinar, the presenters shared their research findings on the recent Malaysia’s recent 15th General Election. Dr Cassey Lee, Senior Fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute, moderated the webinar.



Webinar on “Malaysia’s Opposition Ahead of GE-15: Strategies, Tactics, and Challenges”


YB Teo Nie Ching, MP for Kulai and Democratic Action Party (DAP) National Publicity Secretary and Mr Zaidel Baharuddin, Vice President of Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) discussed the opposition parties’ strategies and approaches for Malaysia’s GE15 campaigning.



Webinar on “Kelantan under PAS Administration”


In this webinar, Dr Azmil Tayeb delivered a talk on the state of Kelantan and its close relationship with Parti Islam Se Malaysia (PAS).