NSC Archaeological Reports

The Nalanda–Sriwijaya Centre Archaeology Unit (NSC AU) Archaeology Report Series has been established to provide an avenue for publishing and disseminating archaeological and related research conducted or presented within the Centre. This also includes research conducted in partnership with the Centre as well as outside submissions from fields of enquiry relevant to the Centre's goals. The overall intent is to benefit communities of interest and augment ongoing and future research.


Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Investigations at the Victoria Concert Hall by Lim Chen Sian



Tonle Snguot: Preliminary Research Results from an Angkorian Hospital Site by D. Kyle Latinis, EA Darith, Károly Belényesy, and Hunter I. Watson



Archiving Archaeological Materials by Lim Chen Sian, Duncan H. Brown, Derek Heng, Frank M. Meddens, and John N. Miksic



Pinle (Maingmaw): Research at an Ancient Pyu City, Myanmar by Myo Nyunt and Kyaw Myo Win (with contributions from Elizabeth Moore, Win Kyaing and Win Maung (Tampawaddy) and translation and annotation by Elizabeth Moore, Htwe Htwe Win and Kyle Latinis)



Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Investigations at the National Gallery Singapore by Lim Chen Sian



Beikthano: Summary of 2009–2010 Archaeological Excavations by U Thein Lwin (with Translation by Elizabeth Howard Moore and Htwe Htwe Win)



Archaeological Research at the Blanjong Site, Sanur, Bali by I Wayan Ardika & The Archaeology Study Program Team, UNUD (with Translation by John N. Miksic)



The Kanam Rock Painting Site, Cambodia: Current Assessments by D. Kyle Latinis, P. Bion Griffin & Tep Sokha



Torp Chey: Analysis of an Angkorian Kiln and Ceramic Industry, Cambodia by EA Darith