Webinar on “China’s BRI in Southeast Asia: A Tale of Two Railways”


In this webinar, Dr Nick Freeman and Mr Nguyen Xuan Thanh discussed two China-financed railway projects in Southeast Asia, namely the Boten-Vientiane (Laos-China) railway and the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line in Hanoi. They examined how the political-institutional contexts and levels of bilateral trust in the recipient countries influenced the outcomes of these two projects.


Webinar on “Vietnam-Thailand Relations: Past, Present, Prospect”


In this webinar, Dr Vo Xuan Vinh reviewed the history of Vietnam-Thailand relations and their recent developments. He also assessed the challenges and prospects for bilateral ties, especially in light of the upcoming elections in Thailand.


Webinar on ” Vietnam’s Leadership Reshuffle Dynamics, Implications and Prospects”


In this webinar, Ms Linh Nguyen and Dr Nguyen Khac Giang discussed the reasons behind Vietnam’s recent leadership changes and their implications for the country’s domestic and foreign policy. They also provided an initial assessment of potential further developments and the nation’s economic and political prospects in the lead-up to the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV), slated for early 2026.


Webinar on “Capitalism with Vietnamese Characteristics? The Dilemma of Growth and Political Change”


In this webinar, Professor Tuong Vu and Dr Nhu Truong discussed the various factors that have impeded Vietnam’s economic potential, the importance of gaining a better understanding of Vietnam’s developmental path to gain insights into its economic patterns and vulnerabilities, and the Communist Party of Vietnam’s (CPV) firm control of the economy and society. The discussion also examined how historical, institutional, and political elements have contributed to the current challenges facing the country.


Webinar on “Vietnam’s Economy in 2023: Navigating Domestic Challenges and Global Headwinds”


In this webinar, Dr Tuan Ho analyzed Vietnam’s economic challenges and opportunities in 2023 and what investors should watch out for. He also discussed the measures that the Vietnamese government should take to deal with the global headwinds and domestic challenges in the year ahead.


Webinar on “Labour Politics of App-based Driving in Vietnam and Beyond”


In this webinar, Dr Joe Buckley discussed Vietnamese app-based drivers’ legal status, wages, and working conditions, as well as efforts and struggles to improve them. He compared the Vietnamese drivers’ activism to the history of labour activism in the country and put it into regional and global perspectives.


Webinar on “Toward a Robust ‘Digital Vietnam’: Strategies, Achievements and Prospects”


In this webinar, Mr Nguyen Hoa Cuong reviewed the achievements and challenges in Vietnam’s digitalization drive. He also discussed the opportunities and prospects of the country’s digital transformation in the coming years.


Webinar on “Vietnam – India Comprehensive Strategic Partnership: Real Significance or False Promise?”


In this webinar, Dr Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy and Dr Pham Cao Cuong discussed the Vietnam-India comprehensive strategic partnership (CSP). They offered analyses on the key drivers of contemporary Vietnam – India relations, what the two countries have and have not achieved, and what challenges are lying ahead for bilateral ties, especially in the strategic domain.


Webinar on “The Role of Fisheries in Vietnam’s South China Sea Strategy”


In this webinar, Dr Edyta Roszko discussed the role of fisheries in Vietnam’s South China Sea strategy and the historical continuity of fishers’ practices in Vietnam.


Webinar on “Vietnamese Civil Society: Recent Developments and Prospect”


In this webinar, Dr Andrew Wells-Dang reviewed developments in Vietnamese civil society over the past decade and examined prospects for Vietnamese civil society’s survival and effectiveness in the context of growing constraints and pressures.