Sanchita Basu Das featured on RSIS-CNA Live Recording of “Think Tank” Panel Discussion Programme: Episode 4 – “Will There Be An ASEAN – 5 Years From Now?”

Ms Sanchita Basu is one of the panelists featured on RSIS-CNA Live Recording of “Think Tank” Panel Discussion Programme: Episode 4.  In the episode, the panel discussion focused on the following questions: will explore the following questions: (1) What would ASEAN look like in the next 5 years?; (2) Will there even be ASEAN?; (3) Will ASEAN be a relevant regional governance institution?; and (4) What needs to be addressed to make the organisation an effective governing body?

The conclusion of the talk is : ASEAN will be there in five years from now, though the form of ASEAN could be different. There is increasing discussion on ASEAN Way, as many scholars suggest of ASEAN-X principle for decision making process. ASEAN economic co-operation will slow down as most of the relatively easy commitments have been met and the ones that are left need change in legislations in domestic economies. Moving forward, ASEAN countries will be more united on issues that are of common interest, such as sustainable development, including availability of clean air, water and other basic amenities.

The video which was first published online by Channel NewsAsia on August 31, 2016, can be viewed here.

Ms Sanchita Basu Das is Fellow and Lead Researcher (Economic Affairs), ASEAN Studies Centre, at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.