Mustafa Izzuddin quoted on various media on the Pedra Branca issue

Dr Mustafa Izzuddin is Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.

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1. Channel News Asia, 10 February 2017: ” Timing of Malaysian challenge on Pedra Branca could be way of ‘garnering votes’ ahead of elections: Experts

2. Berita, 10 February 2017: “Langkah M’sia cabar isu Pedra Branca sekarang ini mungkin untuk “raih undi” jelang pilihan raya

3. International Business Times, 11 February 2017: “Pedra Branca: Experts doubt if Malaysia’s new case will hold water”

4. South China Morning Post, 11 February 2017: ” Why Malaysia is Fighting Singapore Over a Rock

5. Malay Mail Online, 12 February 2017: “Analysts: New Pulau Batu Puteh Dispute an Attempt to Stir Nationalist Fervour

6. Malaysia Chronicles, 13 February 2017: “Gasping for Political Life, Najib Turns to New ‘Bosses’ – Johor Sultan & China