Mr Tan Chin Tiong, Director of ISEAS, quoted in Vietnam Net Bridge News: “Vietnam Forum 2016 reviews national renovation process”

Vietnam Forum 2016 reviews national renovation process
Report by Vietnam Net Bridge News
Published on 16 April 2016

An international conference called Vietnam Forum was held for the first time in Singapore to review and examine how Doi Moi renewal policy has changed Vietnam over the past 30 years and its national and regional implications.

The two-day meeting brought together scholars from around the world, representatives of several embassies, and international correspondents.

Tan Chin Tiong, the Director of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), said Vietnam has made many important achievements over the past 30 years but is also facing challenges that are how to maintain the results for future growth.

Economists discussed the development of private businesses in Vietnam and the changes of state-owned enterprises.

They agreed that Vietnam needs to boost the growth of the private sector and the reform of the state sector to turn it into a pivotal factor to the national economy toward sustainable development.

Note: The article which was first published online by Vietnam Net Bridge News on April 16, 2016 can be viewed here.