Jorgen Orstrom Moller featured on Channel NewsAsia Insight 2016/2017 – Episode 13: Brexit: The End Of An Era

On Tuesday, June 21, Mr Jorgen Orstrom Moller was interviewed by Channel NewsAsia to share his views on Brexit for the latest episode of Insight: “Brexit: The End Of An Era”.

Britain’s decision to leave the EURO is regarded as the biggest blow to the European unity since the Second World War. Why did Britain finally decide to make the exit after more than 40 years? Will the future be catastrophic for UK, Euro and the rest of the world?

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Timecode: 3:45 onwards, 16:42 onwards and 22:43 onwards

Mr Jorgen Orstrom Moller is Visiting Senior Fellow at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.