Seminar: Re-emergence and Re-configuration of Islamic Education in Malaysia




There has been an increasing demand for Islamic Education in Malaysia both formal and non-formal since the 1980s.  Parents seem to prefer their children to attend private or NGO-based Islamic schools with the integrated curriculum and the Tahfiz (Qurán memorization schools) despite the public schools offering Islamic studies education.  There is also an increase of state Islamic colleges for tertiary education. Why is there this resurgence of interest in Islamic education?  How effective are the training of Islamic studies in Higher Education? What are the effects and implications on national political, economic and social development, in particular the sustainability of cultural diversity and Muslims’ general wellbeing?  These will be some of the issues addressed.


Rosnani Hashim is Professor of Educational Foundations of Education at the International Islamic University, Malaysia.  Her areas of specialization are Islamic History, Philosophy and Education, and Curriculum and Instruction.  She was a research fellow with the Japan Foundation (2006), a Visiting Specialist under the Fulbright Programme (2007), a visiting professor at Damascus University, Syria (2009) and Professor for Global Education at Nagoya University, Japan (2011). She is presently the Editor-in-Chief for The IIUM Journal of Educational Studies. Among her major works are Educational Dualism in Malaysia, Reclaiming the Conversation: Islamic Intellectual Tradition in the Malay Archipelago and the latest edited work (2015), Critical Issues and Reform in Muslim Higher Education. She has written and lectured extensively on Islamic education, Islamization of knowledge, higher Islamic education curriculum and the Hikmah Pedagogy of Philosophical Inquiry.  Her current field of interest is in the application of the Hikmah pedagogy in schools through training teachers in collaborating schools.


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Oct 22 2015


10:00 am - 11:30 am


ISEAS Seminar Room 2