About Us

Since its establishment in 1968, ISEAS Library has been functioning as a knowledge hub as well as an information centre for the research on Southeast Asian studies. The unique and valuable library collection built up over the past decades attracts researchers, scholars, students, and government agencies from all over the world to visit the Library and consult the collections.

Library Organisation

The Library is organized along with the three core functions of acquisition, collection management and access/reference services:

Acquisitions (Books, Serials, Private Papers and Multimedia Collections)

This section takes care of Library contents development based largely on ISEAS’ research focus and needs, through purchases, deposits/donations, exchanges and long term loans.

Collection Management

This section is responsible for managing library materials, developing finding aids and information sharing systems. The section is further divided into two smaller sections, namely Collection Management and Library Systems. Collection Management takes account of cataloguing and processing of various library materials and special collections, including preservation and digitisation for online access while Library Systems focuses on managing and improving the online database systems that both Library users and Library staff utilize for accessing print and non-print collections.

Access/Reference Services

This section takes care of reference enquiries, lending and other users’ related services. Staff working in this section conduct library orientation and guided tours for users and visitors as well as to facilitate access to collections, both physical volumes and digital copies. One of the information services that users could subscribe freely is our Info-alert email on daily regional news selected by Librarians.