“No more easy money: Will BRI projects in Southeast Asia slow and stall?” – Op-Ed by Muhammad Saad Siddiqui in Think China


This article was first published by ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute as Fulcrum Commentary “Official Chinese Lending: Why the Easy Money is Drying Up” and republished by Think China on 22 January 2021.



Yanuar Nugroho quoted by CNA: “COVID-19: Hurdles ahead for Indonesia as it aims to vaccinate 180 million people in 15 months”


This article was published by Channel Newsasia on 22 January 2021.



Le Hong Hiep quoted by The Diplomat: “Leaked Vietnamese Personnel Appointments Show Diversions From Norm”


This article was published by The Diplomat on 21 January 2021, and referred to Fulcrum Commentary “The CPV’s 15th Plenum: “The Art of the Possible” in Vietnamese Politics”



State Governments and the 2021 Emergency: Unfettered Powers at the Centre


Malaysia’s declared state of Emergency has given the federal government sweeping powers to intervene into the affairs of the country’s 13 states.



Webinar on The Making of Anwar Ibrahim’s “Humane Economy”


In this webinar, Prof Khoo Boo Teik shares how Anwar’s vision of a ‘humane economy’ holds personal, ideological and political significance at a specific political juncture in Malaysian history.



The Ethics of Covid-19 Vaccination


Who should be vaccinated, and who should be vaccinated first are the ethical and practical questions facing all governments.



Terence Chong quoted by Mothership: “If LKY had social media, ‘maybe he would have been feared, but also loved’: S’porean panelist at IPS forum”


This article was published by Mothership on 20 January 2021.



Michael Montesano quoted by Bloomberg: “As Thailand’s Troubles Grow, the King Moves to Bolster His Image”


This article was published by Bloomberg on 20 January 2021.