ISEAS Economics Working Papers

ISEAS Economics Working Paper Series is an online publication produced by researchers and associates of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Papers in these series are work-in-progress and are disseminated to generate feedback for subsequent publication in peer-reviewed outlets. Oriented at both researchers and policy-makers, the ISEAS Economics Working Paper Series seeks to share ongoing research that is relevant and rigorous. Contact:


“The Prospects and Dangers of Algorithmic Credit Scoring in Vietnam: Regulating a Legal Blindspot” by Nicolas Lainez



“GVCs and Premature Deindustrialization in Malaysia” by Cassey Lee



“The BRI in Malaysia’s Port Sector: Drivers of Success and Failure” by Francis E. Hutchinson and Tham Siew Yean



“The Vulnerability of Jobs to COVID-19: The Case of Malaysia” by Amanina Abdur Rahman, Alyssa Farha Jasmin, and Achim Schmillen



“Chinese Investments in Industrial Parks: Indonesia and Malaysia Compared” by Tham Siew Yean and Siwage Dharma Negara



“COVID-19 and the Poor” by Jayant Menon



“The Landscape of Pricing and Algorithmic Pricing” by Cassey Lee



“Changes in the Demographic Structure and Economic Growth in East and Southeast Asia” by Maiko Kajimura



“When Does Trade Reduce Poverty? Revisiting the Evidence for East Asia” by Jayant Menon and Anna Cassandra Melendez



“Economic Corridors in Southeast Asia: Success Factors, Impacts and Policy” by Hall Hill and Jayant Menon