ISEAS Economics Working Papers

ISEAS Economics Working Paper Series is an online publication produced by researchers and associates of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Papers in these series are work-in-progress and are disseminated to generate feedback for subsequent publication in peer-reviewed outlets. Oriented at both researchers and policy-makers, the ISEAS Economics Working Paper Series seeks to share ongoing research that is relevant and rigorous. Contact:


“ASEAN’s Newer Member Countries in Two Financial Crises: Impact, Response and Lessons” by Jayant Menon




“The WTO’s 2020 Trade Policy Review for Indonesia and Thailand: A Comparative Assessment” by Hal Hill and Jayant Menon




“How Do Natural Disasters Change Consumption Behaviour? Estimates and Policy Responses from Thailand and the Philippines” by Kensuke Tanaka, Prasiwi Ibrahim, and Oudom Hean




“Pandemic Fallout, Disruptive Technologies, and Divergent Demographics: Policy Challenges Facing Countries in the Indo-Pacific” by Jayant Menon




“Fifty Years of Malaysia’s New Economic Policy: Three Chapters with No Conclusion” by Lee Hwok Aun




“Global Supply Chains and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Who Benefits?” by Xiaojun Li




“Growth Resilience to Large External Shocks in Emerging Asia: Measuring Impact of Natural Disasters and Implications for COVID-19” by Kensuke Tanaka, Prasiwi Ibrahim, and Ilhame Lagrine




“The Impact of the Rise in Chinese Imports on Firms’ Performance: A Case Study on Manufacturing Firms in Thailand and the Philippines” by Joey Erh




“Global Trends and Malaysia’s Automotive Sector: Ambitions vs. Reality” by Tham Siew Yean




“Using Regionalism for Globalisation: The ASEAN Way” by Jayant Menon